6 common myths about Hair Transplant – Search for facts!

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Hair Transplant

Many people around us are suffering from hair loss. They long for years to win that battle by various means, home remedies or medications. But very few of them really consider hair transplant. Although we see that the technology is at its full boom and many latest hair transplant techniques are creating wonders. But still many of us get drowned into the false notion regarding hair transplant. Hair transplant in Dubai is the excellent choice for many people. Here, please have a look on some common notions or myths, you can say, are roaming widely.. Our purpose is to find the facts, just read on.

  1. The result is apparent

The outcome of hair transplant is long lasting. The procedure leaves exquisite and natural looking results. While doing he procedure, the hair surgeon makes sure that the angle and location of transplanted hair is compiled to the original hair.

  1. Only go for it in young age

It is a very common myth that makes old people avoid hair transplant. there is not scientific reality behind it. Before the procedure, surgeon makes sure that new hair grows after treatment matching your original hair texture. Only the existing hair at the back of your scalp decides your suitability.

  1. Large number of grafts transplant in one session don’t get enough blood supply- Avoid!

Our scalp is one of the nature’s great wonders. It has enough blood supply in it to sustain a large number of graft transplant in one session. There is just an exception of it. Other external factors like smoking, sun exposure actually determine the number of grafts to be planted in one session.

  1. Hair transplant only works for men

This myth has compelled women to stay away from hair transplant and come to terms with their hair loss. Though baldness in women is slightly different than men. They should know that procedure is made for both men and women according to their own requirements.

  1. The surgery is very painful

As, it is carried out under local anesthesia, the site will be numbed. You suffer almost no pain during the treatment or after its completion. Moreover, you can get back to your normal life within few days.

  1. Hair transplant is not affordable

The cost of the hair transplant varies. It all depends on the number of the grafts that are to be transplanted. Hence, its price varies. Though it’s a little costly, it’s definitely affordable. Dubai hair club is provide hair transplant in Dubai at affordable rates and have many exciting offers too.

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