6 Signs That Tell You to Visit a Trichologist Now!

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June 9, 2017
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June 15, 2017

The hair loss problem is prevalent now in every part of the world. Every men and woman are facing this problem. The baldness can leave a person distressed and makes a person lose his self-confidence. Nobody is satisfied with his or her distorted appearance. If you are the one, then you need to get up and find a solution, the scalp issues can’t be resolved if you just keep worrying about it. Get your scalp analyzed by a trichologist who can guide you better treatment options like hair transplant in Dubai.

Excessive Hair Loss

Normally you lose about 100 strands in a single day. This amount is comparatively so less that you are not able to notice. But if you are having fall more than that, then you are surely going to notice around you. On your carpet, brush and even while washing. It’s time to ask a trichologist, and it is not necessarily the baldness issue, but you can have a good advice for better scalp care options.

Chronic Dandruff

Dandruff is usually the result of a dry scalp. Or in most complex moments, a skin condition called seborrheic dermatitis. It is also usually caused by eczema or very common overgrowth of the yeast or fungus. And if you are facing it from many years than it is likely you are going to have baldness. Consult a trichologist to take the advice of some medication to heal the problem.


The appearance of bald patches on the scalp also needs your attention too. This may be a start of a pattern baldness. A trichologist can better suggest you the proper remedy by analyzing the scalp.

Loss of Eyebrows or Eyelashes

The loss from facial area is an alarm, such as losing the eyebrows or eyelashes. This can be a sign of alopecia in which you can lose from any part of the body. All that is needed is to consult a trichologist, in order to get a proper treatment before you get totally bald.

A scalp treatment is beneficial if the consultation is done timely or at earlier stages of the issue. Because the total baldness cannot be treated by any treatment. The team of qualified trichologists is providing better consultations for the permanent solution to baldness with latest permanent solutions.

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