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February 25, 2017
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People use spices and herbs for different purposes. Do you know these spices and herbs are also used to prevent hair loss? If you are suffering from hair loss or it is just a start, you should visit your kitchen and try these natural and simple solutions. These solutions will be beneficial for your hair for sure.

Hair Loss

In the olden times, when there were no medications, people used different spices and remedies to treat any health issue. In this modern time, when lots of medicines are accessible for every health issue but still you cannot find the cure for your problem then you may get help from these treatments. Read on to know more about these treatments.

  1. Oregano

Carvacrol and thymo are the two ingredients that are included in the oregano make the herb valuable. Usually, this herb is famous for its characteristics of removing dandruff. So, it has the capability to allow you to get rid of dandruff and prevent your hair from any breakage when you comb them.

  • How to prepare?
  • Take half cup of oregano leaves.
  • Take one cup of water.
  • Take a spray bottle.
  • Mix water and oregano leaves and boil.
  • Let them cool and pour into the spray bottle.
  • Then apply it on your hair with the help of spray.

It will boost the shining and strength of your hair.

  1. Rosemary

Rosemary is usually used for the growth of your hair when you are facing hair thinning.

  • How to prepare?
  • Take some rosemary leaves.
  • Take some apple cider vinegar or water.
  • Mix them and boil.
  • Let the mixture cool and apply on your hair.

This method can be utilized to wash your hair so that your hair cannot turn to graying and thinning.

  1. Gingko Biloba

This herb comes with some amazing benefits. Your blood circulation enhances with its usage. When the blood flow improves in the scalp area, you get fine hair. Blood has some necessary nutrients that are essential for the hair growth.

  1. Sage

This herb has strengthening characteristics. Experts recommend you to use sage oil to get strong hair. Moreover, it is helpful if you are facing graying of hair.

  1. Thyme

Have you ever gone through the fact that thyme contains more iron as compared to all other spices and herbs? Take some thyme and massage your scalp to enhance the growth.

  1. Cedar

The cedar oil contains antiseptic properties that make it the most useful herb. You may mix cedar oil with laurel or almond oil and massage to get a healthy scalp with healthy and strong hair.

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