All You Need to Know About Your Hair Transplant in Dubai

A Guide to Hair Loss Medications and Hair Transplant in Dubai
April 24, 2017
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April 26, 2017

Strong, healthy and beautiful locks, is the need of every other person. The fuller head is always the right one to style and manage. The perfect up do is the one that creates a whole new dort in your persona. It’s a truth that, about 90% of your personality’s grace is covered by the up-do. It defines a great plus in yourself. Most of the people are dealing different kinds of baldness problems, and the solution is available with feasibility at hair transplant in Dubai.


  • Genetics or skin diseases.
  • The excess use of styling chemicals
  • Stress and Depression.
  • Pollution factors etc.
  • Medications and Surgery.
  • Alopecia.

There are certain aspects that you must have knowledge about certain things that cannot be taken into consideration in our daily life routines. You need to look upon it.

The latest scalp restoration procedure has different aspects to deal with. There are different techniques that are used and applied to deal with different kinds of hair loss. Such as there are some non surgical techniques that are used to handle the thinning or mild baldness problems. The surgical ones are always the one to handle the severe baldness problem permanently.

Treatment and Planning

The nature of treatment is always deduced according to the nature and severity of the problem. These techniques are proposed differently from person to person and according to the nature of the issue. A special consultation center is organized to properly analyze the patient and his situation. The new advancement in technology has provided us with the options that solely includes the patient as the donor as well as the recipient.


This procedure harvest your healthy grafts and use them to grow new ones by implanting them to the bald areas. The procedure is done by the team of experienced doctors and the maximum time limit is about maximum 2 hours. The recovery is the matter of few weeks, and the initial shed is normal due to the traumatic effect on the follicles. After that step, the growth begins to take over.  The desirable results are visible in the matter of about 8-11 months.


The alcohol intake is needed to be avoided for the immediate before and after the procedure, so as to avoid any negative effects.

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