Best Hair Transplant Surgeon and How to Find Them in Dubai

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March 29, 2017
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March 30, 2017
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Getting tired of getting along in life while losing your scalp to baldness and searching for a permanent shot that get you rid of it. Well, nothing best than the very IN surgical restoration procedures. That are gaining higher ranks as the permanent remedial recipe for baldness and thinning to the scalp. As it is obvious that this treatment is as sophisticated as any scientific procedure, the lead is to get along the specialist. So, how to get on board the best hair transplant surgeon in Dubai and how to check the Best in him. Lets’ find out.

  • First of all make a list of surgeons that perform this procedure in surrounding.
  • Shortlist according to your satisfactory level and dig in to following aspects that measures the quality.

The surgeon you chose is having best practices of latest techniques. The techniques in practice, yield a better outcome in  the end and cater any untoward situation. The surgeon must be applying a standard technique that is up to date with modern technologies. So that it cannot end up as a waste of  time, health and money.

  • The surgeon should be experienced as you should know that the experience do matters. For the implementation of the best practices, it is crucial to the smooth process on the go. The experienced surgeon could know how to handle the process smoothly.
  • The reputation of the surgeon determines the capability of performing the procedure. For that you can get the knowledge of his previous cases.
  • Nowadays, it’s easy to get any know how about something from the website and blogs
  • You can personally visit to his sittings or from clinics where he is providing the services.
  • Ask for the client’s reviews and collect them to keep a record of his previous success stories. It will surely be a helpful point in moving your decision to the better choice.

Here are some notable surgeons that you can find to be the best in Dubai.

Dr. Juan Krogulec

  • Member of the prestigious American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery,
  • Qualified in what it takes to achieve with plastic and cosmetic as well as scalp restoration surgeries.
  • He has skills in surgical scalp restoration surgery by simplifying the techniques.
  • He has special practices in Stem Cell FUE, with the goal of giving the most natural look and minimum recovery time

Dr. Alconero

  • Alconero is a certified professional in aesthetic dermatology. A medical degree from the school of Medicine, in Spain.
  • The master’s degree in Laser in Dermatology and Aesthetic Dermatology from Barcelona University, Spain.
  • The professional career is about more than two decades.
  • Started his career by providing services in military, afterward the aesthetic medicine.
  • Performing duty as a hair transplant surgeon in this clinic since 2010, and has been serving his professional services in Madrid as a Medical Director of this area since 2013.

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