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March 8, 2017
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March 9, 2017
Hair Transplant

Hair transplant is a very sophisticated procedure to date, its undergoing many successful procedure with wonderful and long-lasting results. In some cases, it happens that the procedure doesn’t go well or the results are not satisfying enough for the patient. As we all know that this procedure is a time-consuming process, and requires proper know-how.

What can go wrong in hair transplant?

  • Unnatural look in the direction of hair growth, aesthetic planning, texture of hair.
  • visible scars can remain where donor hairs have been removed.
  • After the treatment, detectable scars.
  • It’s important to make sure the end result should mimic natural look of hair, and it’s may not end well.
  • In the end, you need to be a right candidate, health wise.

Possible Reasons

  • The crucial part of the hair transplant is, it must be done by a well-qualified surgeon. The undesirable result may depend on the qualification of doctor or the treatment facilities in the clinic you chose.
  • May be the customer is not satisfied with the end result.


The problem is solved by the Reconstructive hair transplant in Dubai. This treatment aims to correct what has gone wrong in previous procedure. This procedure is for those who have gone through hair transplant with undesirable results. This treatment aims to correct what has gone wrong.

Before the procedure avoid alcoholic drinks or caffeinated items. Don’t smoke and stop using blood thinning medicines by consulting your physicians.


This reconstructive hair transplant is done like any other procedure. In addition, it just has specific areas to cover which are effected in any way from previous procedures:

  • The donor or effected site is prepared by the hair surgeon, and makes incisions using special needles.
  • Then the grafts are inserted into these incisions.
  • The hair can inhabit the bald patches and allow a complete appearance.
  • The unnatural hairline looks can be somehow eased via FUE

How scars are corrected?

In case for covering the scars with hair, the follicles are grafted at the scar effected site of the scalp. The scars are corrected keeping in view following aspects

  • The position of scars with respect to the donor area
  • The width of the scars
  • The scalp elasticity

After the procedure don’t continue smoking immediately, and follow the care instructions by your hair surgeon. Most of the post-op care of this procedure is same as of other procedures. In case of any unnatural situations, consult your doctor.


The final results are much satisfying in minimum of 3 to4 months, visible hair growth can be seen. The improvement is continuous after it until the full recovery takes place in about 10 to 12 months.

It is always suggested to choose the right hair transplant option by consulting the surgeon. Good qualification and aesthetic skill for the procedure is necessary.

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