Can Non- Surgical Hair Transplant Reverse the Hair Loss?

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March 21, 2017
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March 24, 2017

Many people are facing baldness or are near to baldness due to frequent shed. With every necessity, comes a solution. The hair transplant in Dubai, has now become a sufficient commodity for everyone facing baldness. The goal is to provide a permanent solution to this issue. The procedure process many techniques to perform, including non-surgical procedures.

Here are some of the renowned procedure that tends to be non surgical:


Although blood is just in liquid form, but it contains several important cells. One of the is Platelets, small disc like cells responsible for healing processes. The enzyme they secrete is effective in repairing. It is a plasma derived from the blood, extracted by centrifuge process. So, that platelets can be collected.

A thin needle with your own Platelet-Rich Plasma is injected into the scalp. Then the growth factors in your blood cells do their job and growth in follicles is naturally stimulated.

The basic purpose of this treatment is that it boosts the follicular growth and stimulates follicular regrowth. It actually triggers the blood flow under the scalp, hence activating the energy of scalp to work towards maintaining healthy follicles.

The exact number of session is determined by doctor with according to the severity of baldness. The patient’s scalp is then washed normally and gets ready to go home. The recovery is relatively fast and the results are natural.

Stem Cell FUE

In stem cell FUE, also known as the HASCI method, the entire follicle isn’t removed. As an alternative, some hair stem cells are left in the donor area to stimulate regrowth. Many researchers have deduced in their findings that new ones can be formed using only part of their stem cells.

This procedure cleverly utilizes natural stem cells harmonizing with a specially-developed medium that guarantees the capability of the grafts and stimulates further growth in the stem cells.


It is a non-invasive technique in which micro injections are induced just below the epidermis into the target tissues. The injections are filled with essential nutrients, amino acids or vitamins, according to the requirements. They stimulate the working of follicles. The time consumed, depends on the affected area.

The goal is providing the right material where restoration is needed on the scalp. It regulates the essential nutrient levels and growth factors in the scalp. This is done by injecting in the least painful way, nutrient boosters in the scalp with the help of an injection. This also initiates cell metabolism, eliminate infections and accelerate the growth in the scalp.

In the result, the follicles regrow and the blood circulation is improved, all natural and healthy. This procedure is popular and practiced among European and South American countries


The basic procedures are same for every technique:

  • A local anesthesia is given to numb the surgical areas.
  • The patient will have routine blood testing at primary care physician’s clinic.
  • After suitable results the procedure is started.
  • For PRP specific amount blood is taken from the patient.

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