Important Aspects of Cost Calculations for Hair Transplant in Dubai

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Cost Calculations for Hair Transplant in Dubai

The surgical restoration process has been in demand from the last decade and has been gaining immense success among people. Both men and women are having benefits form this procedure on permanent basis. All around the world, due to the latest advancements in this technique, baldness is no longer a petty issue to term fight all along your life. By planning for this procedure that is providing state of the art services, the foremost things is the cost. Its your first thought to check for the cost of hair transplant in Dubai, and know how the cost is calculated.

There are some mandatory points to keep in mind, while the calculations are provided to you. So that to avoid any misunderstandings. Your precious use of time and money must be worth investing for this procedure.

Important Aspects of Cost Calculations

There are some important aspects you should know about the cost calculations. The best clinics ensure the eligibility of cost without compromising the quality. Just have a look at these aspects.

  • The Requirement of Grafts

The cost relates directly to the number of grafts needed for the surgery. The exact amount is guessed by the quantity or size of the bald area of scalp. Or it depends upon the pattern of baldness. The exact number of grafts can only be determined by the surgeon. That is why the brief consultation is needed for patients.

  • Technique

The techniques being used, is the factor that affects the overall cost structure. The instruments used and the sophistication required for the process, all comes with a certain budget. Usually follicular extraction and follicular unit transplant are used. The strip method demands extra care, while the follicular extraction has its own aesthetics of performance.

  • Fee Structure by the Surgeon

An experienced surgeon obviously costs more. But in the end, cost paid for quality is worth being investing for, on a good cause.

  • Clinic Location and Number of Sessions

The clinic location plays an integral part in the decision for adopting this procedure. All because some procedures demand more than one sessions, depending on the scalp condition. So, it is to be noted that the travelling not only costs your time but also the travel expenditure.

Hair transplant in Dubai calculates the cost with all aimed on providing quality services, also at very affordable rates. At average its about AED 7 TO AED 25 per follicles graft. The figure may slightly go plus and minus depending upon the scalp condition and the final evaluation.

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