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March 27, 2017
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Cost for Hair Transplant in Dubai

The surgical restoration of patchy scalp is now a widely used technique all around the world. It is giving great outcomes to many people. The main reason for adopting this procedure is its surety of providing permanent results. This procedure harvests your own healthy follicles or strips from scalp and implant to the bald area. The foremost thing to implement before going for any procedure, you must have to do homework regarding its working and recovery process. The basic of all that is how much does hair transplant cost in Dubai in addition to the variety of techniques being used.

Both men and women get benefit from this procedure as it provides better solution for pattern baldness problems in both genders. The baldness issue is what that can drain you out of your self esteem and grace. So, you will always want to get the optimum solution that is efficient. The treatment that is effective in the long run and is worth investing your time and money.

Here are some important points to notice about the cost calculation of this procedure:

  • The cost of surgical transplant n your scalp is dependent upon the number of grafts being implanted.
  • If the bald area has more density than more grafts are needed to fill it.
  • The number of grafts also depends upon how healthy is the donor area, if not scalp, then the donor can be any other part of the body.
  • Your first responsibility is to undergo a proper consultation with a surgeon, so that he can analyze the situation on your scalp and advice the treatment accordingly.
  • Choosing the right doctor or surgeon is crucial, a the quality and cost of the procedure is all depends upon the experience of the doctor.
  • The more the experience of the surgeon, more will be the cost of this procedure. That cost is worth investing in because of it will ensure greater probability of more accurate results.
  • The technique being used for the scalp restoration is the important factor that has impact on the overall cost. The technique is recommended by the doctor, according to the patient’s requirement and scalp condition. In follicular extraction the cost differs but in strip procedure, the harvesting of strips requires special equipments and specific microscopes for the cutting and designing it to suitable lengths.
  • The location of the clinic is important, as the pick and drop during multiple sessions will cost you a bundle. So, be clear about the location you choose, the feasibility of distance and cost is to be managed before going for the treatment.

The best scalp restoration clinics are always clear about their cost details and above mentioned factors are worth considering for it. In Dubai the cost goes from AED 7 to AED 25 per follicles graft and a plus minus in the total figure. The up and down in the cost is according to the scalp condition and surgeon’s/doctor’s recommendation.

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