Dr. Gokhan Ozerdem

Dr.-GokhanOzerdemDr. Gokhan Ozerdem is a certified professional in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. He is dedicated to getting the excellence in surgery and individual expertise. He is highly regarded due to his amazing patient care, knowledge of aesthetic harmony, and his surgical capabilities. These capabilities have made him the most favorite and admiring surgeon in different areas of the world.
He has earned the doctorate degree from Ukorova University, Turkey and completed the professional training in 2007. He continued his education in various aspects of reconstructive surgery, cosmetic surgery, and microsurgery. He is a professional surgeon in aesthetic surgery and hair transplantation as well as dealing with the treatment of burns.
Furthermore, he is a respectable member of different societies that are related to the field of medicine and surgery.


He is eager to polish his skills to the next level. He is very active in Currently, he is working in Hair Transplant Clinic as a hair transplant surgeon. He has a vast experience of major combined operations in FUE hair transplant and aesthetic surgery. In addition to this, he has served various roles as anesthetic surgeon in different companies all over the world.