Dr. Juan Ruiz Alconero

Dr. Juan Ruiz AlconeroDr. Alconero is a certified professional in the field of aesthetic dermatology. He has done amedical degree from the school of Medicine, UAH. Madrid in Spain. The educational journey of Dr. Juan didn’t end here. He continued education side by side practical work, and so earned a master’s degree from Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain.

After that, he has earned the master’s degree in Laser in Dermatology and Aesthetic Dermatology from Barcelona University, Barcelona, Spain. Moreover, he has participated in lots of training sessions and seminars related to his field for many years.

The span of his professional career is about more than two decades. Dr. Juan has gained lots of expertise and strengths in his profession during this time period. He has started his career by providing services in military and afterward joined the field of aesthetic medicine.

He has performed his services at Centro Medico Mendizabal ass a Clinical Director for four years. He specializes in integral medicine. Furthermore, he has provided his services at Corporacion Capilar as a Clinical Director for two years. This clinic is located in Spain.

Currently, Dr. Juan is performing his services in CinicaCapilae as a Medical Director. The purpose of theclinic is to provide hair transplant services. He has been performing duty as a hair transplant surgeon in this clinic since 2010. Also, he has been serving his professional services in IML, Madrid as a Medical Director of Hair Transplant since 2013.

Dr. Alconero is also a member of various medical societies including ISHRS, SILTAC, SELMQ, and SEME and active in participation. Moreover, he has played essential roles in different companies that are mostly related to aesthetic medicine in different areas of the globe.