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Eye brow restoration
February 16, 2017
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February 22, 2017
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Eyebrows are a great asset of your face. It adds a visual aid to your expressions. Angry, annoyed, happy, astonished, what are you expressing, others judge it from your brows. Other than that, for women it’s a sign of beauty. Thick, shaped beautiful eye brows are always a great plus for a women’s beautiful face. May be a woman is more possessive of her looks but it’s totally legit.

There are many people who are facing some problems that leads them to lose their eyebrows. It’s a truth that nobody is born perfect but it’s not your fault. Some get eyebrow problem later in their lives. The contributing factors are:

  • Face burn or accident
  • Skin disease
  • Chemo
  • Hereditary
  • Less hair growth.

Here is a treat for those people, don’t worry, the solution is presented by the great science. Yes, eyebrow transplant is now possible. Eye brow transplant in Dubai is offering excellent services in this regard, and the results are doing wonders. Let’s have some overview on this procedure.

Eye brow transplant

Eye brow transplant is also known as eyebrow implants, a term used to describe insertion of hair from various parts of the body into the eyebrow area. This procedure is said to be one of the better developments to help people get back their looks again. While the person with hair transplant is happy, same is the case with the candidates of eyebrow transplant. Thus, it is necessary to choose your surgeon well, with good experience and skill in eyebrow transplant.

About the procedure

Theoretically the process is simple but practically its tedious. Only a task of professionals.

  • The recipient area is numbed.
  • A strip of coarse hair is harvested from the back of the scalp (for men).
  • A graft or strip of hair is extracted from above the ears (for women).
  • The hair is teased out individually and inserted into small incisions made on the recipient/brow area.
  • The angle of insertion is well managed and orientation of transplanted hair follicles is carefully done.
  • As the surface of the face skin is extremely crucial to the aesthetics, a great care should be taken.

Post-op care

Follow your surgeon’s precautionary advice regularly for fast recovery. The recovery generally take 2 weeks. Certain actions such as, itching or rubbing the area after treatment should be avoided. Rest should be taken. Within 6 months, visible difference can be noticed and its positive. Regular trimming and more grooming is required after the eye brow transplant procedure.


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