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February 27, 2017
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February 28, 2017
Eyelash Transplant Dubai

Eyelashes are the integral part of our eyes. Eyelash protects our eyes against dust and dirt. Touching them so often causes eyes to close by reflex action. Eyelash also is the aesthetic function to frame the eyes and contribute to the overall facial appearance. Everyone likes thick beautiful eyebrows; especially females are possessive for the look of their eyes. Eyelashes are a beauty enhancer. Women usually enhance the eyelash looks by using mascaras.

Many people face problem with their eyelashes. They suffer loss of eyelashes due to some accident, burns, injuries or skin infections. Loss of eyelashes makes a considerable difference in the appearance of the eyes. Eyes are exposed to dirt and much external vulnerability. The eyes go red and sore. It also loses your self esteem and confidence. The solution is eyelash transplant in Dubai. Hair transplant clinic Dubai is helping patients with eyelash hair loss to get back their eyelashes back.

Eyelash Transplant

Eyelash transplant that is also recognized as eyelash implants is the latest procedure to get the long eyelashes in a natural way. Eyelash hair transplant, also known as eyelash implants, was used to treat hair less areas of the eyelid due to genetics, alopecia, cancer patients.

Reasons of loosing eyelashes

Some patients cause traction alopecia of eyelashes by regularly using false eyelashes. There is a condition called trichotillomania with no definite cause, causes up to 11 million people in the U.S. It includes the patient impulsively pull out their own hair. Sometimes consciously and sometimes unconsciously, people with trichotillomania use their fingers to pluck out individual hairs from their eyebrows.

The excessive use mascaras or false eyebrows are not good for eyelashes. It obviously looks wow, but excess use of these kinds of cosmetics is not good for eyelashes.


  • For eyelash transplants the hair is harvested mostly via FUT strip surgery.
  • The follicles for eyelashes are harvested from the back of the head.
  • Hair can also be harvested from arms and legs, but this would mostly be done via FUE technique and will be shorter in length after harvesting.
  • The FUT strip surgery harvested follicle hairs are kept long (4 to 5 cm) on the strip harvest and hair follicles are dissected using Stereomicroscopic magnification.
  • The hair shaft is a surgical needle which is used to place the follicle in the right position within the upper eyelid.
  • It is important to note that transplanted eyelash follicles harvested from the back of the head will continue to grow similar to scalp hair.
  • The patient will have to “trim” their eyelashes on an ongoing basis, weekly or more often to keep at the desired length.

Recovery & Results

  • For the first 3 to 4 days after the procedure, tiny crusts are around each transplanted hair,
  • By 3 to 5 days, other than some residual mild pinkness which fades out by the first week.
  • After that, patients are able to return to normal activities without any sign of having had a procedure.

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