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March 29, 2017
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The eyelash is a simple and chiseled hairy line on the edge of your eyelids. The basic purpose for which the nature has proposed it on our eyes is to save them from dirt or debris. There are many condition that may lead to loss of your lashes, and many people around you are suffering. The best option you should opt for getting them back is eyelash hair transplant in Dubai for preventing the complete loss getting back. Everyone likes long, thick lashes on their eyes, also as a sign of beauty and graceful face. So, you must know its importance and cause of losing them.


  • Alopecia Areata, a disorder of the immune system that causes baldness in any part of the body. It works as attacking by the immune cells to the follicles. This is how causing them to fall out. This causes loss on scalp, as well as the lashes.
  • There is also a condition called trichotillomania, in which a person unintentionally pricking from any part of the body.
  • Any skin disease can also cause loss of lashes.
  • Any underlying health problem that need to be noticed.

Importance for your Lashes

They are sensitive to touch as if something that is too close to your face or eyes. The amazing thing is that your sensitive eyelashes can sense it, and alert you to possible danger. That include particles in the air, small insects, dust, etc. The built in defense mechanism in your lashes help to get you alarmed if your eyelids if need to shut in order to protect the eyes. Sometimes you accidentally rub your eyes and they fall. Then fallen lashes take about seven to eight weeks to grow back. But, if it comes to constant pulling, it may lead to the permanent damage.


The surgical restoration proves to be the only permanent and ideal solution to get your lashes back again. This procedure is highly sophisticated in its nature and uses the existent follicles form back of scalp to implant on lash side. This is done with highly efficient equipment, that’s why a proper skill is needed for that. The good choice of best surgeon can prove the best results. The new growth is a matter of a few weeks, after a normal shed in initial days.


  • Some precaution are necessary before the procedure, like avoiding any blood thinners, as it is necessary.
  • Follow your doctor’s instructions regularly.
  • Caffeine and alcohol is to be restricted immediately before and after the treatment.
  • The healthier growth depends upon the use of healthier grafts from donor site. So it is necessary to get yourself analyzed by the doctor including  your medical history, before the procedure.

The recovery is a matter of few weeks normally, if exceeds than immediately refer our respective doctor. Following the doctor’s instructions and you own care will speed up the recovery process. The fuller look is visible in about 8 months. After the full growth you are required to do regular trimming of lashes later.

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