The High Rise Demand of Facial Hair Transplant for Men in Dubai

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A man’s wand of magical personality is the cool up-do and well styled facial hair. This particular feature on a man’s face is what improves the persona and the sign of matureness. Many men consider it as a sign of making a bold gesture to someone. On the lighter note some independent studies suggest that well-groomed employees are more successful than those who are not. And it doesn’t need sometimes to be clean shaved. So, it is also seen that many people around us, young or old, ares struggling with patchy beards. The problem needs permanent solution, none best other than facial hair transplant in Dubai, a surety of permanent relief.

What causes Facial Patchiness?

There are numerous reasons that easily countable, which are a great contributing factors. They may lead towards forming bald spot on the beard, or to the extreme, total baldness. Let us tell you some common ones:

  • Underlying ailment
  • Skin disease
  • Surgical impact
  • Hormonal imbalance


The other form of baldness that is usually noticed scientifically in many men is Alopecia. It has the form in which the alopecia is just limited to the beard area in men, called alopecia barbae. It involves the inflammation of the follicles under that particular skin area, that halts the growth of strands from them.

The Cure

If the follicles aren’t completely damaged, the subsidization of their inflammatory effect can work to regain growth in them. The simple rule is if the problem is caught in the initial stage, it can be treated easily and smoothly. As it grows, the treatment become complicated and the recovery even more.

So, the fellas who are facing this issue are advised to have a proper check up from the doctor. Get yourself analyzed, so that the cause can be rooted, in order to provide relevant treatment. The doctor need your medical history and detailed analysis of skin condition, that helps in easy diagnosis and treatment recommendation.

There are various medicines like Propecia, that can treat the baldness. But the catch is, its not permanent. After you stop taking meds, the problem comes back. It may come out to be helpful for a minor problem, but for more severe issue it may not work as excellent.

The Permanent Resolve

In order to get rid of patchy beard permanently, the surgical transplant method is worth considering. This procedure harvest the healthy follicles from back of your head, and implants to the bald patches of beard area. In first week the shed occurs, that is normal. After a week, new growth starts and the fuller look is noticeable in the matter of 8-12 months.

The reason behind its successful adaptation by many men, is that it’s the one time investment that proves long term results. The side effects are up to minimal and none. By regular following of your surgeon’s care instructions after the procedure, the speedy recovery is a must thing. It may include avoiding some drinks like, alcohol, caffeine etc. And some mild medications for healing scars. For any more being noticed immediately call upon your surgeon.

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