The Baldness and It’s Cure with the Famous Hair Transplant in Dubai

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April 8, 2017
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April 10, 2017
Hair Transplant in Dubai

Once you are exposed to any kind of scalp problem, it becomes a long battle to fight. Specially when I comes to the baldness, which comes in the form of many patterns. Both male and female pattern baldness can occur to anyone at any age. Most people ought to take a permanent solution to get rid of it once and for all. There are many short term solutions that are available but this famous hair transplant in Dubai goes to the  permanent category. The reason behind its being famous, is its long term benefits to tackle any kind of baldness and thinning problem among many people.


  • Nutritional deficiencies;
  • Thyroid diseases,
  • Hormonal Imbalances.
  • Ailment, surgery and medication;
  • Age Factor

How it Begins?

Baldness is the condition in which growth becomes limited and gradually the hollow patches start appearing on the head. The pattern of patches may differ. In extreme condition it leads to bald scalp. There are two main processes behind baldness.

⦁    Folliculitis – follicles damage due to inflammation. This condition can be diffusive.

⦁    Scarring– due to infections or burns, results in bald patches. It doesn’t spread so quickly.

Solution to Baldness

Essential nutrition is the natural treatment is to maintain a good diet for healthy scalp. After all, nothing is more beneficial than nature in the long run. The medicines are prescribed by the specialist after thoroughly examining your scalp condition. All of these medicines are the short term solution with possibilities of side effects later.

The Hair Transplant

This surgical transplant procedure has now become a common treatment that is being adopted by many people around us who are facing baldness issues. The procedure is a very high and sophisticated form of surgery that involves special equipments to take grafts from the healthy area of scalp and transplant them to the bald area. The grafts depends upon the density of bald areas on the scalp.

In a few months, after recovery, the impressive results are visible, as the new grafts are blended so well with the original grafts of yours.  There are different techniques that are used for different types of baldness, that prove to have long lasting benefits.

What the Techniques Follow?

  • All of them require delicate handling.
  • The professional are considered only to perform the procedure.
  • Its totally natural, as the donor is the patient himself, no artificial strands are implanted
  • Customer’s satisfaction is the major account, the patient can rest himself with any activity as only the scalp to be treated is numbed with anesthesia.
  • It is somehow a costly affair, and it all depends on the amount of grafts in the donor area. Cut to chase, it’s the one time investment to get the permanent solution to baldness.
  • Hair transplant clinic Dubai offers multiple exciting discount offers along with not compromising on the quality of services.

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