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April 29, 2017
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Are you tired of fighting the thinning and loss on your scalp and need to get out of this mess for food? Well, if you are going through this then you better know how these thinning on your scalp can leave you drained of your own self esteem. The psychological effect of this problem may become more intense than any physical change you see on your scalp. The cause might be any but the effect leaves you with a gut feeling that you don’t look good anymore. Now you will not feel that because the hair transplant in Dubai has solved all these woes in a very efficient manner.


The cause of thinning differ from person to person, some of the common causes that ought to be the common contributing factors in most people are:

  • Hereditary Issue
  • Scalp skin infection.
  • Fungal or dandruff problem.
  • Sudden stress/ anxiety/ trauma.
  • Nutritional deficiencies

Some people may have any underlying health problem that has gone unnoticed and is causing this problem with an exponential increase. All you need to do is to consult a specialist or a good doctor. He can analyze the problem and get the lead towards the major problem that need to be solved. If there is any health issue, its solution can lead to the reduction to the fall.

About the Treatment

There are many advanced treatments that have been established for better scalp restoration processes. These treatments prove to be the completing factors for any deficiency. The most famous of them that uses the patient’s own blood in order to provide the necessary ingredients to the scalp.

The prp treatment in Dubai provides an ease by using the patient’s blood and use the platelets from it to heal the follicles. Mostly the problem is in the follicles that interrupts the normal growth process due to any problem. The platelets work as the healing factors and prove to be the perfect fix for the follicles to generate the normal growth.


The process goes as blood extraction and the separation of the platelet rich plasma. This serum is injected, under anesthesia, into the scalp’s upper dermis directly into the follicles. It is the totally non invasive procedure as there is no surgical handling in it. The growth factors do their job and heal the follicles, hence, revitalizing them to boost the growth and giving new life to the scalp.

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