FUE Hair Transplants
FUE Hair Transplants for Hair Restoration Treatment
November 25, 2016
FUE Vs FUT Which Is Better
FUE Vs FUT Which Is Better? A Comparison Of FUE And FUT Benefits
December 1, 2016
FUE hair transplant?

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Both men and women are victims of baldness and other hair related issues. Hair transplant is not less than a blessing for such people to get a solution of their baldness. There are lots of methods for this purpose, however, FUE hair transplant is the most effective and demanding one.

What is FUE Hair Transplant?

FUE hair transplant is a less and minimally invasive method that is famous among people. Those, who are suffering from hair loss issues, must know about this method. The hair follicles are obtained from the donor area of the body and implanted in the recipient area. The procedure is performed very carefully so that there will be minimal or no scars on the skin.

FUE hair transplant?

Why people Choose FUE Transplant?

Most of the surgeons recommend FUE hair transplant and people also like to get their surgery done with this method. The basic reason for choosing this method is its enormous benefits. You will not get any scars or stitches. Downtime and recovery time is less. Also, results are amazing and long-lasting. After having this transplantation, no one can recognize that you have done with a hair restoration surgery.

Cost of FUE Surgery

When it comes to FUE hair transplant cost, then it is observable that it costs more than any other hair transplantation technique. Specifically, in abroad surgeons are charging very high for this method. It is not affordable for everyone. However, hair transplant in Dubai is less expensive as compared to other countries. That is why various people visit Dubai for getting their hair transplantation done. Even lots of well-known celebrities have got their hair transplant from Dubai.

Here, at Dubai Hair Club, we are providing expert services of FUE hair transplant in cost-effective rates. You need to pay about AED 7-9 per graft. However, the total cost depends on the number of grafts that are required for the fulfillment of your surgery. In addition, a fee of the surgeon expected results and other. However, we are providing exclusive offers for the ease of our customers. Keep up-to-date with our offers to get benefit from them.

Free Consultation

Dubai Hair Club is providing an exclusive offer of a FREE consultation session. Now, you can ask anything related to your hair by filling the form and our experts will answer your queries. Our certified surgeons are here to provide you a better solution of your hair loss. Don’t miss this opportunity to get help from best providers of hair transplant in Dubai.

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