No More Eyebrow Hair Loss!
No More Eyebrow Hair Loss!
August 9, 2017

With the advent of this new era of technological advancements, nothing is impossible to solve, even the patchy beards of men. Yes, the hair transplant in Dubai is now offering the state of the art treatment to sort out beard hair loss in men.

A beard is the integral part of male personality because it is the emblem of grace and maturity. That is why nowadays men are fond of putting on different styles, but the actual grace of having as perfect beard comes only with a fuller beard.

Why beard hair loss?

The beard hair loss problem among men nowadays. The causes may differ from person to person, according to his health, environment, hereditary and other related factors.

Other common factors behind this type of hair loss are, hormonal imbalance, any face injury, skin problem, alopecia, medical issues or impact of any medicine etc.

How to get a treatment?

Nobody likes patch face, here you go! The solution is off to your steps. The hair transplant clinic Dubai, is among the best clinics that are providing the widely acclaimed procedures to restore your lost hair. The procedure is performed on the areas with less growth. It’s a surgical procedure in which grafts are extracted from your scalp’s donor area and implanted into the affected area, which is also known as the recipient’s area.


  • Local Anesthesia is given to just numb the affected area.
  • The grafts are extracted from the donor site.
  • The selection of donor site depends on the closest match to your facial hair, in order to keep intact the originality.
  • In case the strip procedure, a strip of scalp is removed from the donor site, whereas in FUE hair transplant in Dubai, the follicular units are extracted in grafts.
  • Needle incisions are done on recipient area and finally, grafts insertion is done.

Are your Eligible for this Treatment?

You are a valid candidate for this treatment, if

  • Men above 20 age group.
  • You ne who want to hide any burn or injury marks on your face.
  • You have partial baldness or uneven look on your beard.

Post op Care

  • Avoid using caffeine, alcohol any other beverage for a week.
  • Do not use any facial cosmetic or lotion soon, without consulting your doctor.

Benefits and Recovery

  • After the procedure, the growth is just as good and natural.
  • The texture looks as natural as original, because special skill is adopted by the surgeon to not distort the originality.
  • You can do normal shave later.
  • No severe pain expected after this procedure.

The recovery may take a few months but surety is that the final result is permanent. Proper aftercare is necessary, as instructed by your doctor, to deal with scars or mild pain. It is important aspect to follow after the treatment in order to get fastest recovery and desirable results.

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