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How To Fix the Female Pattern Baldness With Hair Transplant in Dubai
April 17, 2017
Amazing Scalp Rejuvenation with Hair Transplant in Dubai
April 19, 2017

Is your worry for the prevailing baldness is just increasing day by days. You are not alone, there is a big lot of people, men and women who are having this cry.  Worry not! The hair transplant Dubai Clinic has the answers to all the scalp problem leading to baldness. The foremost thing is to get to the root cause of the problem, then get to rge solution, with proper consultation of your doctor. The reasons vary, some of the common are:

  • Skin infections
  • Pollution
  • Surgery
  • Bad nutrition
  • Stress

Science is always busy to come up with latest and efficient solutions to maintain one of the most significant factors in one’s appearance.  A good scalp health is always important with the healthy body. On the other hand it just give a perfect boost to your personality.

The Nano Graft

The Nano graft is the latest technology for the scalp rejuvenation with latest standards and best practices being applicable all around the world. It is the a leading-edge technology to the receding front scalp line using the FUE technique at hair transplant in Dubai. Avoid the alcohol and caffeinated intake, stop using blood thinning medicine immediately before and after the procedure.


  • The doctor’s detailed examination of the patient’s condition to plan the whole procedure.
  • Local Anesthesia is given to the the scalp, and the donor site is prepared to harvest the grafts.
  • Each follicle with 3-4 strands in it, is individually grafted and placed in the middle of the scalp to increase the volume.
  • The scalp is washed up and the patient is discharged.

The number of graft requored is according to the problem and already present follicles according to the age bracket of the patient. The amount of follicles vary according a person’s age per square centimeter, as follows

20-30 YearsApproximately 615 Follicles cm2
30-50 YearsApproximately 485 Follicles cm2
50-80 YearsApproximately 435 Follicles cm2

Follow the instructions prescribed by the doctor and take a plenty of rest for at least a week after the treatment. Avoid any heavy exercises and caffeine intake, to speed up the recovery.

The new graft begun to grow in the matter of few weeks, while the full length can be achieved in 11 months time. Then you can style them normally, and wash normally in routine. The follicles are aesthetically placed so that to mimic the original look and also balances the original hairline with perfect direction.

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