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What is FUE? Its application in Hair Transplant
February 28, 2017
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March 1, 2017
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Healthy, thick hair on your head is always the sign of youthfulness and vibrant personality. Hair loss proves to be the cause of utter dissatisfaction a down fall in people’s lives. It costs their self-confidence and hope.

Hair shedding is normal, happens to every other being. It’s a normal part of hair life cycle. It lasts at utmost seven years. The normal hair fall is numbered as 100 to 200 strand a day on average. A normal head of hair contains 100,000 strands of hair approximately. But its problem you are a lot more hair in your brush.  Losing more than this count causes bald spots.

Every year, the number of people increases who are affected by hair fall and go to treat it by hair transplant. the goal is to regain their lost love of life. Hair transplant clinic Dubai provides solutions for all kind of hair loss affected, needing hair transplant.

Most Common Causes

  • Medication
  • Disease
  • Nutritional deficit
  • Environment
  • Hormonal imbalances

Hair Transplant

Hair transplant eventually is the best and permanent approach to treatment of the patient’s hair loss. A provisional option often recommended by leading physician hair restoration specialists is non-surgical treatment with FDA approved medications. Treatment with minoxidil or finasteride can just slow hair loss. Medicines are just the short-term solution to hair loss. Hair transplant proves to be the long-term solution to hair loss problems.

Types of Hair transplants

There are two major methods of hair transplants. The best choice depends on the individual’s situation of hair loss and consultation with the skilled hair transplant surgeon. Let’s talk about both procedures:

  • Surgical Hair transplant
  • Non-Surgical hair transplant

Surgical Hair transplant

In this kind of hair transplant, the hair is taken from the donor site and then separated into the follicular units. The process is known as unit extraction. The area is numbed with a local anesthesia. The small incisions are made closely with one stitch. Once removed, the strip is seperated into unit grafts and then transplanted into the bald area. There are two surgical techniques that are being used recently:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction

The FUE removes specific follicular units from the patient’s donor site, and replant them to the bald scalp. Hair can be extracted from any part of the body. It doesn’t involve striping the patches of skin.


  • Follicular Unit Transplant

In FUT hair is transplanted in the groups of 1 or 4. The originality of hair is safe. The hair is removed in a single thin strip. The strip is separated into individual follicular units using microscopes.

Non-Surgical Hair Transplant

When a patient is not willing to undergo a surgical hair transplant method, anon surgical approach is taken. A non-surgical method of hair transplant is PRPPlatelet Rich Plasma Therapy.

PRP- Platelet Rich Plasma

In this procedure, some amount of the patient’s blood is centrifuged to collect the plasma. It is then injected into the scalp, in the upper dermis, then the platelets do their job. Platelets are responsible for repairing and maintenance in the body. So, it is considered a natural treatment to boost the hair follicles to grow more hair.

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