Hair loss by Pollution – Causes and Preventive Measures

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March 1, 2017
Treating Hair Loss in Women
Treating Hair Loss in Women
March 2, 2017
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Hair fall is a common issue today, the problem is faced by every other men and women. Studies have shown that pollution is a big factor towards hair loss. Pollution is a great hazard for our health. Health is wealth, but by health it doesn’t only means bodily health, it also includes healthy scalp hair too. Many people who have travelled through some polluted area, complain about hair loss problems. But how can one know to avoid that cause of hair loss? It’s a big question of the day.

Hair transplant clinic Dubai provides free consultations for many hair loss problems and how to deal with them. As we have no control over environment. There are some things we should to minimize the damage. But first we should know what are the main causes of pollution. Have a look.

  1. Environmental Pollution

You may find yourself exposed to greater risks wherever you travel. Especially in heavily industrial areas, you don’t know many toxins are affecting the hair are controlled substances.  The chemical waste and grimy smoke is unsafe. The filthy fumes inhibit the protein formation in the hair, and make them weaker. It may trigger the condition of male pattern baldness. Specially for those people who are directly in contact with the factory routines.

  1. Home Pollution

There are two types of pollutions at home that cause hair loss.

  • Smoke emission
  • Dust

The smoke and dust is a damage for you, your health and obviously, your hair. Smoke from open fires or in kitchen, is a risk. The dust generates allergies on the scalp, itching that is major cause for hair loss. You can get over dandruff with shampoos but it’s not a long-term solution as long as you are exposed to the pollution. Washing hair with unclean water is also a root of poor hair health.

Protective measures

You cannot escape from this environment, but you can take some protective actions against hair loss.

  • If you’re an everyday traveler of these kind of areas, cover your scalp.
  • Wash hair frequently with clean water and worthy shampoo.
  • Don’t let the moisture of your hair loose and maintain oiling of hair.
  • Avoid direct contact with kitchen smoke, keep the head covered like chefs.

Is the damage already done?

Worry not! It’s a valid query, if the damage is already done then you have to search for more extensive actions to tackle the issue. Consult an authentic hair doctor to properly diagnose the problem. He’ll suggest the solution. Although there are short terms solutions,

  • Natural remedies
  • Medicines

The permanent solution is hair transplant, a permanent hair restoration technique. There are multiple surgical or non-surgical hair transplant procedures in Dubai that ensure long lasting results. The goal of hair transplant is to regrow your hair naturally, mimicking the natural look of hair. It uses your own hair from healthy scalp to grow new hair. In a matter of months, you will see fascinating results. with proper care taken, the results are amazing. People are adopting hair transplant and are happy with it.

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