Hair Loss – Who Should I Consult For This Problem?

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June 16, 2017
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Baldness and thinning are now a problem of every other men and woman. Most of the times it becomes difficult for people where to turn for the solution. There must be someone who can answer their queries and help them out. Even a good piece of advice can help a person where to direct himself for the treatment.

A Specialist Can Answer Better

There is a number of different specialists whose claim is to be the experts in their field. But not every doctor can be an expert on scalp problem, and can’t give an appropriate advice for different scalp issues. For the purpose of hair treatments and advisor, the term trichology is used. And the doctor in that profession and expertise is known as the trichologist.

To Whom I Can Consult The Problem?

Many people confuse it, that they may have to refer to the dermatologist or not. The point is to get the lead of the main problem that is causing baldness. If the skin issue is diagnosed, refer to a dermatologist. Ultimately, the issue is first referred to the trichologist.

Difference between a Trichologist and a Dermatologist

  • Trichologists are not medically qualified but are specialists in the scalp.
  • A dermatologist is a medical doctor who has specialized in skin – any part of the body.

The ‘trichos’ means hair and ‘ology’ means the study of. Therefore, the trichologist is a scalp specialist and all scalp conditions. A trichologist is a doctor but usually described as the pharmaceutical professional, who diagnosis baldness and also refers a client to the strict diet plan, and general health care options, while devising a treatment plan. Be clear, a trichologist doesn’t refer a prescription for a medical treatment.

A dermatologist is a qualified doctor and expert of dealing with skin issues including the scalp. The problems like pattern baldness or baldness due to eczema can be identified by the dermatologists. He can provide a medical treatment and write prescriptions for the medications.

A Simple Advice

Generally, it is advised to visit both practitioners to compare the opinions. A trichologist is an expert and can tell you better about baldness. A dermatologist might be better to diagnose the underlying cause. But if the problem is hormonal or any underlying cause, then the general physician will be at your service. For the scalp restoration procedures like the hair transplant in Dubai requires a consultation with a specialist before starting the procedure, a nature of treatment involves the relocation of stands.

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