Hair Transplant Procedure

ht-procedureBoth FUT and FUE hair transplant methods are performed in a well-managed way. Local anesthesia is administered in the start of hair transplant procedure so that patient may not feel any kind of pain. Hair follicles are taken from the donor area of the scalp and implanted in the recipient area of the body. The recipient area can be any part of the scalp or facial area as FUE hair transplant is also used for facial hair transplantation. Transplanted hair start growing and also follow the pattern of the existing hair. A permeable dressing is done to cover the donor and recipient area of the body so that any blood drops can be avoided.

Local anesthesia will be injected to the scalp in order to perform the process. The surgeons extract follicular units out of the donor area. These grafts remain on hold until the requirement of recipient area. Implantation of the extracted follicles is performed in order to generate the hairline. This process is already consulted with the patient.

Are you a Candidate?

Before going to choose any hair transplant procedure, you need to know whether you are a good candidate to get this procedure done or not. Here are some requirements that can help you in making a decision or you can consult our expert surgeons for free of cost by filling our consultancy form.

  • Your donor area has enough hair supply.
  • You have a tight scalp.
  • Your hair loss is not continued.

Selecting a Best Surgeon

You should be very careful while choosing a surgeon to get a hair transplant. However, our surgeons are considered as the best surgeons for hair transplant in Dubai. Our expert surgeons will patiently listen to your issues and provide you the best diagnosis. They will get your medical history, keep a check on your health issues, and then they diagnose and suggest you a hair transplant procedure that will be best suited for you. Our surgeons are best in the town because they are providing almost all types of hair transplantation services and our customers are satisfied with our services.

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