mustache hair transplant in Dubai
Revive Your Patchy Mustache with Hair Transplant in Dubai
May 8, 2017
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May 10, 2017

Are you planning for a hair transplant in Dubai is the recent future, then you must be searching answers to possible questions in your mind. As for the procedure it is one of the most sophisticated forms of surgery that comprises of aesthetics and skills of the professionals. For the first time every body is conscious and it’s OK to be. You must know some common aspects of this procedure as a homework is necessary in order to get the satisfaction you need.

  • At very first, a proper consultation is necessary with a good doctor to get yourself checked.
  • The consultation has a significant importance before the procedure starts, as it’s the best way in which the trichologist can analyze the candidate’s scalp situation.
  • The analysis is necessary in order to plan a treatment according to it.
  • The candidate’s medical history will be checked as it is necessary to be in optimum health so that there should be any complication.
  • Take normal and healthy diet before the procedure, the doctor can also guide you on this.
  • Stop using excess caffeine, and full stop to the use of alcohol.
  • Certain medications such as the blood thinning ones, are recommended to be stopped. If you are using them for some purpose, than consult your concerned physician.

Helpful Tips

The procedure is done by the team of professionals that has certain years of experience in this field. So, satisfy yourself enough while choosing the right professional. Here are some queries that you can put in with him/ her.

  • Choose the right option of the procedure and its possible pro and cons., to avoid the surprises later.
  • All the techniques in this procedure are carried out with your own grafts from the donor area.
  • A good surgeon is always clear about the realities and the procedure details, so satisfy yourself in the beginning.
  • Though this procedure has proved to be the successful procedure, yet it also depends upon the healthy donor area.

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