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March 2, 2017
Hair Transplant
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March 6, 2017
Hair Transplant

Since the last decade hair transplant is gaining success all around the world. Hair loss is the issue of every second person you meet. But it’s no longer a long-term fight as the efficient solution is right there. Men and women are equally prone to the hair loss problem. And obviously, the solution is for them both. Hair transplant clinic Dubai is providing state of the art hair transplant services for both male and female pattern baldness. The results are successful with affordable cost and the customers ensure that this is the best hair transplant in Dubai.

Before going for the hair transplant, its mandatory to do your homework prior to starting the procedure. One of the important aspects you should know is the cost. Hair transplant cost is what that make you decide whether to opt for hair transplant or not. You will always invest where your investment is fruitful. Compromising the quality is just the waste of your time and money. Hair transplant clinic Dubai guides you to get better know how of the hair transplant cost matters.

Factors Effecting Hair Transplant Cost

Required Number of Grafts

The cost depends upon the number of grafts needed for the surgery. The amount of grafts is guessed by the size of the bald area of scalp or the hair loss pattern. The more the bald spots on head, more number of grafts are required for the cost of the surgery. The exact number of grafts is determined by the proper assessment by the hair surgeon.

Hair Transplant Technique

The techniques being used for the hair transplant is an important factor that effects the overall cost figure of surgery. Usually FUE (Follicular unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) are being used widely to perform hair transplant.

In FUT hair is transplanted in the groups of 1 or 4. The hair is removed in a single thin strip. The strip is separated into individual follicular units using microscopes. This procedure is recommended to those who cannot manage multiple surgery dates. FUE removes specific follicular units from the patient’s donor site, and replant them to the bald scalp. It doesn’t involve striping the patches of skin.

Expertise of Hair Transplant Surgeon

The other aspect is the fee of the surgeon. A significant experienced hair surgeon obviously costs more. But in the end, quality matters and offer long term results that are visible when you pay.

Clinic Location

The clinic location is crucial in terms of managing time. The travelling not only costs your time but also the travel expenditure. The hair transplant clinic Dubai has relatively affordable than hair transplant clinics in European countries. That’s why many candidates prefer the travel to Dubai for affordable hair transplant with no compromise on the quality. Your investment will definitely prove to be fruitful.

Hair Transplant

What is Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai?

There are many best hair transplant clinics in Dubai that are serving at their best. We are providing quality services of best hair transplant at very affordable rates. At average the hair transplant cost is about AED 7 TO AED 25 per follicles graft. The cost figure may go up and down, it all depends upon the condition of hair loss of the patient and his requirements and final evaluation.

Free Consultation

Schedule a free consultation at hair transplant clinic Dubai for queries about how does hair transplant surgery costs in Dubai. We provide quality services at very affordable rates. There are many exciting offers in store for you if you are considering yourself for the best hair transplant in Dubai. Feel free to ask anything in the box given below, our consultant will reach back to you with respective answers.

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