How FUT hair transplant is the Ultimate Baldness Solution in Dubai!

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March 30, 2017
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FUT hair transplant

At certain age, people lose their hair due to any reason and causes. There are various factors that are contributing factors in this problem. Such as, age factor, ailment, hormonal imbalance, hereditary or there are any underlying health concerns. Some scalp problem get better in a few time period. But some get through a long time, hence leading to baldness. The problem has an ideal solution via FUT hair transplant in Dubai. It stands for follicular unit transplantation, and is performed using local anesthetic.


The procedure has following steps that are followed throughout, in order to complete the scalp treatment.

Graft Strip Extraction

The process goes as a thin strip har form the donor area is harvested which is the region of on the back of the head. The donor area is usually considered as the one which is not prone to any baldness problem. This site is genetically programmed not to fall out and are permanent.

Graft Dissection

The donor strip is then placed under the specially designed microscope that dissects the strips into microscopic grafts. The grafts consists of individual follicular units. The follicular units are formation of one to four strands in it. This is the important step of this surgical restoration procedure that must be done precisely. Prone

Preparing recipient Site and Implant

That’s why this technique needs an experienced professional. Because with the aesthetics of a good surgeon, the dissected strips will yield better outcomes. These grafts are then placed in a cold storage and kept as it is until they are artistically placed in the recipient sites. The recipient site is prepared by making small incisions by the surgeon, with the help of a needle.

In order to retain the originality of the scalp, special attention is given to the direction of each recipient site. It will maximize the distribution of the transplanted grafts to achieve required density. The goal is to maintain the aesthetic  density, that means to give as most natural looking result as possible. The goal is the formation of  the greatest illusion of fuller scalp.

Graft Distribution

In most procedures, the  single grafts may be placed in the frontal scalp line and temples. Almost to the count of 2 grafts are placed immediately behind the scalp line grafts. The other 3 and 4 follicular units are placed over to the central or crown areas.

The post op Care

  • You will be provided with a specific routine to follow for the first 10 days.
  • The most important is to follow the instruction.
  • If there is any discomfort being noticed after the procedure, then immediately call your surgeon.
  • It is normally treated with simple medications.


  • Your newly planted grafts goes through some resting phase and shed. After that the growing phases of your normal locks begins.
  • They will begin to grow at approximately 4 months after your procedure.
  • The fuller look is visible in months 10 – 12 .

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