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March 21, 2017
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Baldness and thinning loss is a common condition that has affected every other person around. Nobody like his/her brush fuller everyday, getting your scalp emptier. The best hair transplant clinic in Dubai is providing prolific and permanent services of with proper guide for the procedure. This procedure is basically harvesting the grafts from the healthy part of the scalp and transplant into the bald area. Now the matter of the fact is to know about the procedure and have knowledge of grafting.

What are Grafts?

The grafts are primarily used to treat male pattern baldness. Grafts are a collection of follicles from the scalp. The grafts used in this procedure, are selected as the ones containing follicles that are genetically resilient to balding, (like the back of the head) are transplanted to the bald area of the scalp. The session’s amount depends upon the number of grafts planted. While the number of grafts depends upon the health of existing strands.

If you’re considering to go for hair transplantation, this is the procedure from evaluation of grafts to be manipulated and further. In the first session, the baldness or thinning pattern of your scalp is diagnosed by evaluating it with the Norwood classes. The grafting is performed according to the arrow of loss pattern.

Grafts Requirement

Generally, the total number of follicular unit grafts needed to accomplish a complete restoration is as follows. Transplanted can be over one or more sessions,

Norwood Class Follicular Unit Grafts  With Crown
IIa        1400-2200
III     1600-2400 –
III Vertex      1800-26001600-2200
IIIa      2000-3000  –
IV        2200-34002200-2600
IVa        2400-3600
V        2600-38002500-2800
Va      2800-4200 –
VI       3000-4600 2800-3400
VII        3200-50003000-3600


Mandatory Evaluations

There are a number of goals to be evaluated at the first session.

  • Create frontal-line to establish permanent frame on the face
  • Provide access to the bald area of the scalp with transplant, extending to vertex transition point.
  • Add sufficient density in the first session. So, that the results are more natural till the end.
  • Additional sessions are required if more fullness is to be added or to account for future scalp protection.

It’s a fact that everything can be accomplished in one session according to the problem’s extent. If a second session is desired, it should be considered only after the growth is visible from the first session. Another reason is that scalp laxity will continue to improve after this surgical procedure, for up to 6-12 months, making donor area easy to harvest.

The Limitations

The blood supply to the scalp is generally rich and enough to support large number of grafts in single session. But the limit applies somewhere when the patient’s long term smoking or other factors compromise blood flow. So, applying more grafts has its own challenges sometimes such as requiring more surgical staff, patient’s fatigue etc. So, the general figure of grafts per session is defined.

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