How Much Does A Good Hair Transplant Costs In Dubai?

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June 19, 2017
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Getting fed up by the lifelong battle of your baldness issues and looking for the best hair transplant rates around you. So cheers, the hair transplant in Dubai is providing you with one of the best rates options. With state of the art procedures and quality services, the transplant has got fame all around the world. The benefit not only includes providing a good quality hair restoration, but it is the only one time investment for a permanent solution.

Factors Affecting the Cost

This procedure is of a sophisticated nature and only done by a team of professionals. So, its cost depends upon the follow aspects. These aspects are best to be known if you are going for the surgical transplant in future.

  • Go for a proper consultation, it is recommended by every good scalp restoration clinic. It is essential because the specialist can examine your scalp and analyze the problem and cost factor.
  • The density of baldness and the grafts needed to cover up. The number of grafts needed to treat the baldness constitutes the overall cost.
  • The cost is calculated as per graft. If you know how many grafts you require, then you can use the calculator available on the website.
  • Every technique of transplant has its own process, planning and equipment usage. Such as the FUE hair transplant in Dubai is the latest innovation in the transplant method. It required proper skills and equipment for the follicular extraction. Hence, it affects the cost accordingly.
  • The expertise of the surgeon is the integral factor. If you need the quality outcome, the surgeon to be chose must be experienced. The best practices of a surgeon constitute a good result as well as have part in overall cost.

The cost of follicular extraction method ranges between AED 14 to AED 55 per follicular graft. The other procedures have rates based on the factors given above.

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