The Ultimate Follicles Boost with PRP Treatment in Dubai
April 26, 2017
Hair Transplant
Hair Loss in Men and Treatment with Hair transplant in Dubai
April 28, 2017
hair transplant in dubai

Are you getting tired of balding and thinning issues on the scalp and need a quick fix solution then nothing better than hair transplant in Dubai for permanent and wonderful results. The one’s who have decided to go for this procedure, here are some aspects that everybody considers, such as cost factors. There is kind of a home work to do for every candidate, and a know-how is important regarding the procedures and cost factors. You will always invest where your investment is fruitful and no one can take the risk to compromise the quality to just waste time and money.

The Cost Calculation

  • The cost depends upon the number of grafts needed for the surgery.
  • The amount of grafts is guessed by the size of the bald area of scalp or the loss pattern.
  • The exact number of grafts is determined by the proper assessment by the surgeon.
  • The techniques being used for the procedure is an important.
  • The special equipments being used for the strip method or the follicular extraction is important for the overall cost calculations.
  • The fee of the surgeon especially if he is a significant experienced doctor, surely costs you up to the expertise level.
  • At average of the hair transplant in Dubai goes as AED 7 TO AED 25 per follicles graft.
  • The cost may go up and down depending upon the condition of scalp and the patient’s requirements and final evaluation.

Reliable Procedure and Cost

The procedure’s cost is all according to its latest standards and aesthetics being applied by the professionals. The surgeons are always chosen as the best of their experience and expertise, by the best clinics. You can also search for the websites to get more insight. This one investment is worth taking as it proves to be surety towards permanent relief from baldness or thinning. It is feasible especially for people with pattern baldness, and the plus is, both men and women can get numerous benefits from it.

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you need to know more about the cost aspects and other wonderful services, schedule a free consultation at hair transplant clinic Dubai. We provide quality services at very affordable rates with many other exciting discount offers in store for you. The consultation is necessary so as the root cause of your baldness can be diagnosed and the treatment can be planned accordingly. Simply drop your query in the form below and get the required answers from specialists.

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