How Much Does Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Dubai

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April 13, 2017
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Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Dubai

The procedure to surgically restore the bald scalp is gaining success day bay day. It has also gained a much appreciation by the candidates who prove to have found a permanent solution to their baldness issues. It is giving great outcomes to many people. The first thing to have a look upon when you decide to go for this procedure is to know the hair transplant surgery cost in Dubai. Its basically just for the surety that the procedure you are getting into, to fix your scalp issues, is worth investing for.

In addition to the variety of techniques being used, the main reason for adopting this procedure is its surety of permanent outcomes in the end. This basic procedure involves harvesting the patient’s own healthy grafts from the donor site and implant to the bald area of scalp. The number of grafts and its requirement depends upon the density of the affected area.

Consult the Doctor

At first a detailed consultation is required with the surgeon who can analyze better the prevailing situation of your scalp and then decide the graft quantity. This procedure has benefits or both men and women specially for the pattern baldness problems in both genders.

Factors Affecting the Cost

Here are some aspects of the surgical cost and factors surrounding the whole figure.

  • The cost dependents upon the number of grafts to implant.
  • The health of the donor area defines the graft quality and quantity.
  • The technique being used for the scalp restoration is the major factor oin the overall impact of cost figure of cost figure.
  • The technique is recommended by the doctor, according to the patient’s requirement and scalp condition.
  • In FUT the cost of strip procedure differs as it involves the harvesting and dissection of strips with special equipments.
  • In FUE the cost depends upon the follicular extraction methods and their microscopic formulation into the grafts.
  • The other non surgical procedures have their own patterns and equipments that have impacts on the overall cost.
  • Apart from the doctor’s fees and experience factor, The location of the clinic is important. As you may have to visit multiple times according to the number of sessions advised by your doctor in consultation. The procedure plan includes all of these factors in through the consultation.
  • Being clear about the cost factors the best clinics are always on clear with it. The hair transplant in Dubai costs from AED 7 to AED 25 per follicles graft. The figure fluctuate up and down according to the treatment requirements and above mentioned factors.

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