How much does it cost to get a facial hair transplant?

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December 8, 2016
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December 9, 2016
facial hair transplant

Facial hair transplant refers to a process in which the hair are restored from the facial area where hair growth is missing or thing. If you have bald spots at beard area then this is the best solution for you. This procedure is performed on cheeks, sideburns, beard, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Moreover, this procedure may be used to conceal any type of scars on the facial area.

Most of the people want to get facial hair transplant but they are worried about its cost. As there is a misconception that hair surgery costs more. Read on to dig realities behind cost procedure of any hair transplant.

Cost of Facial Hair Transplant

There are lots of hair transplant techniques and the cost varies for some transplants due to variation in the procedure. Skilled surgeons are charging more for any hair treatment. It is a fact that hair transplant is not affordable for everyone. But you should analyze that if you go for some herbal treatment just because you need to pay less for it. Hence, the reality is that it costs you more as hair transplant is just a one-time treatment but herbal treatment requires cost again and again.

Though, hair transplant in Dubai is less expensive as compared to other countries. That is why various people visit Dubai for getting their hair transplantation done. Even a number of well-known celebrities have visited Dubai to get hair treatment.

If you want to get a hair transplant in Dubai, then Dubai Hair Club is the best option for you. We are providing professional services at reasonable rates. We will charge almost AED 7 to AED 9 per graft. Hence, the total cost can only be calculated after a proper examination as it requires a total number of grafts that are required for your facial area. Moreover, it adds the fee of the surgeon. Expert surgeons charge more fee but our certified surgeons have reasonable charges. Also, we are providing different offers to benefit our customers as more as we can.

Free Consultation

Here, at Dubai Hair Club, we are providing an exclusive offer to provide first consultation session for FREE. Feel free to ask anything about your hair issues and our professional surgeons will provide you the best possible solution. We are here to assist you for 24/7 regarding hair transplants. You should grab this opportunity. Don’t waste more time in wondering here and there. Just fill our consultancy offer to get benefit from this chance.

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