How much is the cost to get Hair Transplant in Dubai?

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April 11, 2017
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Before going for the surgical transplant procedure, if you are finally considering, it is mandatory for every candidate to do a sufficient homework prior to the procedure. One of the important aspects that everyone keeps in mind is how much is hair transplant in Dubai. The cost is must to know as it’s the basic factor that makes your final decision to be applicable. Is it obvious because everybody wants to invest in what gives sufficient profit in the end.

Don’t Forget the Consultation

Your first responsibility is to undergo a proper consultation with a surgeon to have your checkup. The surgeon actually analyzes the situation on your scalp and the pattern of baldness and thinning. The desired treatment is then planned accordingly.

How the Cost is Calculated?

  • The overall cost depends upon the number of grafts being implanted, and it is planned after the proper consultation and analysis by the doctor.
  • The density of the bald area of your scalp determines the actual number of grafts being needed for implant.
  • The healthier the donor site, healthier will be the new implant. So, indirectly the healthy donor grafts are also important factor in cost calculation.
  • Choose the right surgeon is always, as its important in order to get the quality services keeping in view the best practices and standards of scalp restoration.
  • The  cost is variable according to the experience of surgeon. And one thing to stick to is that this cost is worth investing in because of its greater probability of accurate outcome and aesthetics.
  • Every technique has its own unique procedure and the cost of instruments and procedure varies according to it.
  • In follicular extraction the cost is just for extraction methodology. While in the strip procedure, the strip harvesting needs special equipments microscopes for grafts dissection..
  • The location of the clinic is important, for the sake of travelling for multiple sessions, if needed.
  • So, be clear about these aspects when the total cost is being proposed to you. All of these factors are included in the total cost.
  • The  hair transplant in Dubai costs around AED 7 TO AED 25 per follicles graft, give and take in total amount. All of it according to the patient’s scalp condition and requirements deduced by the trichologist.

A Beneficial Investment

The main reason for adopting this procedure is its surety of providing permanent results. This procedure harvests your own healthy follicles or strips from scalp and implant to the bald area till fill in the patchiness. Both men and women have wonderful benefits from this procedure as it provides awesome solutions for pattern baldness problems being face nowadays by both genders. The treatment that is effective in the long run and is worth investing your time and money.

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