How the Baldness in Females can be Handled with Hair transplant in Dubai?

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April 6, 2017
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April 6, 2017

Lush, healthy and strong locks is the want of every woman. It is a common factor that women are extra possessive about their looks, and the amazing up-do just complete the beautiful looks. Maintaining the health of your scalp is as important as maintaining bodily health. Provide the necessary nutrition. While there are some women who are having baldness or thinning due to any reason and slowly losing their scalp to baldness. For women it’s a matter of retaining not only personal appearance but also psychological balance. The pattern baldness can be handled by the female hair transplant in Dubai.

Before that you should know what are the common causes and of baldness in females and some tips from home remedial solution.

  • Runs in the family.
  • Hormones imbalance or Genes, aging factor, menopause or its hereditary.
  • Any disease or medications.
  • Pollution and environmental changes
  • Certain autoimmune diseases.
  • Iron deficiency.
  • Thyroid diseases

Baldness Pattern in Females

The female pattern baldness is gradual and unknown to you at first. The ordeal starts with recession at the frontline, that slowly moves towards the crown area and formation of bald patches. Your fallen strands in the brush starts adding everyday. The follicles shrinkness causes the lowering of the number of strands per follicle.


There are many natural remedies that can prove to be a wonder for scalp issues in females.

  • Massage your scalp gently with oil, like coconut oil, olive oil, improves blood circulation in the scalp and revitalizes your scalp.  
  • Massaging some raw onions onto the scalp helps boost blood circulation, hence strengthening the follicles.  Onion juice adds volume in the locks and works for rebuilding with collagen
  • Aloe vera is considered as a miracle plant that unclogs the follicles. It leaves your locks to be strong, smooth and healthy. The pre- shampoo treatment for your scalp for 10 mins. It revitalizes the scalp health.
  • The diet is important as some researchers have views that nuts may have cure to male pattern baldness. Walnuts contain oils that add the elastin in your strands, that keeps it away from breakage. The protein rich phenomenons are effective for mend and repair on the scalp.
  • The treatment by medicine is done by Minoxidil, recommended by the doctor. It can be found in Rogaine for women and can be applied on scalp. This may treat baldness in young women and has to be used daily. It is not the permanent solution as stopping this rises the problem again.

Leave Baldness for Good

The permanent resort should sought to treat this problem for good. Have a detailed conversation with a reputable doctor. He will analyze specific health conditions than suggest as relative treatment. The surgical hair restoration is the proven solution to baldness. By harvesting the healthier grafts from your own scalp, the transplant is done to fill the bald areas. There are various surgical and non surgical techniques, generally FUE is pursued for pattern baldness. The follicular unit extraction harvest follicular units from the patient’s donor site, and implant them to the bald scalp.

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