The Fight to Cure Baldness with Hair Transplant in Dubai!
May 11, 2017
Did You Know What May Causing Your Hair Loss?
May 18, 2017

With an impressive start of the new era of hair transplant in Dubai, it has generated many opportunities for the people fighting balding and thinning for long. A treat of relief and happiness for them that it’s not a matter of concern any more. With efficient techniques that make sure to provide the optimum outcomes with the use of standard equipment. The professionals with years of experience in the field use their aesthetics to ensure the quality and affordable hair transplant cost in Dubai. So that the natural look cannot be altered after the procedure is done.

Nowadays there are many kinds of baldness issues that more males and females both are facing:

  • Alopecia, the autoimmune condition
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Female pattern baldness
  • Lupus, in whichstrands tends to become brittle and may fall out in patches.

These are some of the common ones, and there are many others too. Some are just confined to men and women respectively, based on certain causes. The causes differ in both genders and even person to person. The common causes are:

  • Hereditary, if the problem runs in family then a person is has more probability to be effected.
  • Certain serious disease like the cancer, lymphatic issues or problem in pituitary glands can cause baldness at a stage.
  • Any severe ongoing illness can also be the cause.
  • Some medications tend to be a cause also.
  • The skin infections or fungal is the major cause of breakage and weakness of the strands, that will later lead to the baldness.

Ask for a Check Up

That is why it is suggested to have a proper check up from a reputed doctor in order to find out if there is any underlying health issue that is causing this problem. As the underlying problem just boosts the other issue, and if you treat the root cause it will automatically the other. If there is another cause behind the fall issue then a specialist is suggested. To analyze the problem according to the problem and provide the treatment accordingly.

Consult Trichologists

The consultation with the trichologists is a detailed session that includes the proper analysis of the scalp and also the medical history of the candidate. The specialist at hair transplant clinic Dubai have the required expertise to check and provide a proper advice to the concerned. The consultation provides the lead to them to plan treatment according to the density of baldness and other necessary aspects.

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