How to Save Your Balding Eyebrows with Hair Transplant in Dubai?

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Our facial structure is made in such a way by nature that it perfectly describes our emotions and psyche in a visual description. It is not only the token to enhance our facial beauty but also for females, it’s a special part of face. The thing is not just for females but males also have its importance, what’s a perfect grin without eyebrows? There are many people around we can see in our daily lives that they are facing several issues that makes them lose the eyebrows. The eyebrow hair transplant in Dubai is making it best to get them back their lost brows.


First you should know the common factors behind this loss:

  • Skin infections.
  • Hereditary issues.
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Surgery or impact of stitches.


The solution is possible as nothing can be said impossible in today’s age of technological advancements. First you have to consult a good doctors or dermatologist who can analyze the situation to see if there is any allergic impact or other problem. The exact lead to the problem can make it easy to solve. There are certain medications that make the balding process slow till the use, or stop it if the problem is ot complex. You may be referred to as good trichologist for a permanent treatment with hair transplant in Dubai. The only treatment that solves this problem and sustain it in a long run.


  • Local anesthesia is given to the recipient and donor area.
  • Grafts are extracted from the donor area with the a punch tool.
  • Recipient site is prepared with incisions.
  • The grafts are implanted on the recipient’s site.
  • The implant is done brow shape is created according to requirement.

Recovery and Benefits

The recovery takes a week, it is recommended to take proper rest and avoid itching or rubbing in initial days. With proper care, the result is visible in 6 months time. As the whole treatment is done under anesthesia, it’s the painless treatment, and certain precautions by the surgeon need to be taken care of after the procedure. The perfect eyebrows are important as they neutralize your face frame, and we make it sure that you get your perfect brows permanently.

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