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December 5, 2016
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December 8, 2016
Hair Transplants Surgery

Hair transplant is a famous procedure among people nowadays, as it provides a new hope to people who are suffering from baldness. However, you need to be a good candidate to get a hair transplant. You should be in a good health, have enough hair supply on donor area, and your hair loss should not be continued. If you have these qualities in yourself then for sure you are a good donor for getting a hair transplant. If you are not sure about these things, then you need to consult a qualified doctor for this purpose.

Hair Transplant Methods

With the innovation in hair transplant surgery, different hair transplant methods have arrived in the market. Now, you have a wide range of methods from which you can choose the desired method. The selection of a method depends on various aspects include your desired results, budget, availability, time period, recovery period, etc. Read on to know more about techniques of hair transplant.

FUE Hair Transplant

FUE is a method of hair transplantation in which the hair is removed from a donor are with the use of a round punch and implanted on the recipient area carefully.

FUT Hair Transplant

FUT transplantation is a surgical method in which a strip is used to get hair from the donor area and separated into hair grafts. After that, these hair grafts are rooted in the bald region that is also known as recipient area. This process allows natural growth of hair.

Hair Transplants Surgery

Beard Hair Transplant

Beard hair transplant refers to a surgical method in which the hair follicles are extracted from donor area (scalp) and rooted in the beard area. This method is performed very carefully because this area is sensitive. However, a few months are required to reveal results through this method.

Eyelash Hair Transplant

Eyelash Hair Transplant allows you to get thick hair at eyelashes. The hair grafts are extracted from the donor area and implanted on eyelashes in a very careful way. The results are amazing. Some doctors inject mild sedatives to the patient before going through the whole process. The purpose is to keep patient safe from any kind of pain during the procedure.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Some people want to get thick and beautiful eyebrows, so eyebrows hair transplant is the best option for them. It is a surgical method in which the hair follicles are collected from selected donor region and inserted in the eyebrow.

Stem Cell Hair Transplant

Stem Cell hair transplant is the latest innovation in hair transplant methods that is capable of providing you outstanding results. The results of stem cell transplantation are not comparable with any other treatment procedure.

Acell/PRP Hair Transplant

Acell therapy is an approved method of hair transplantation. Neutral proteins are included in this method to repair natural hair. Only a licensed practitioner is authorized to perform this surgery.

All discussed methods are amazing and they provide outstanding results. Moreover, you will get the permanent solution of your hair loss with any of these methods.


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