Nano Graft Hair Transplant

Nano Graft Hair Transplant

Hair loss is one of the basic issues that are faced by people nowadays. People are in search of best solutions to get their back. For this purpose, most of them are using herbal medicines, home remedies, or any other method, but all in vain. If you are a person who is dealing with baldness and want a permanent solution for it then hair transplant is a best option for you. Hair Transplant Dubai Clinic is providing almost all types of hair transplant services and Nano Graft hair transplant technique is a best technique among all.

What is Nano Graft Hair Transplant?

It is a latest technique in the world of hair transplant. This technique provides solution through which the person can grow his hair just within the time period of 12 months. Read out the article to get further information about this technique.

Who is a Candidate?

If you are thinking about getting a hair transplant then it is essential for you to know whether you are a good candidate for the hair transplant or not. For this purpose, match your characteristics with the following checklist. You are a candidate if;

  • You have hair supply on donor area.
  • Your scalp is not rigid.
  • Your hair loss is not continue.

Goals of Procedure

The basic aim of Nano graft hair transplant is to provide best possible results to the patient. Some basic goals of our procedure are to provide a head full of hair, provide thicker hair on permanent basis, and to provide less downtime and fast recovery.

How to Prepare for the Procedure?

Take care of some specific aspects before going for the treatment of Nano Graft hair transplantation in Dubai. Some of the activities that you need to avoid are as follows.

  • Avoid alcohol usage for some days prior to your treatment.
  • Do not use the medicines that may make the blood thin.
  • Quite smoking for almost 7-10 days before 1st
  • Don’t take herbal medicines as they also contain blood thinning characteristics.

How to Perform Procedure?

The procedure of Nano Graft hair transplant in Dubai is performed in a careful way.The procedure is just like other hair transplant techniques with some minor differences. The basic difference is the size of grafts. First of all, the surgeon administers anesthesia on the scalp of the person to make the area numb. After that the follicles are collected from the donor area with the use of pneumatic punch. However, there is no need to store the grafts for transplantation. After that, the surgeon insert follicles on the required area. This step needs to be done very carefully to maintain natural look.

Post-op Care

Post-op care is very important to get better results. If you want to get desired results and don’t make your treatment a loss then it is must to follow the instructions that are provided by your doctor. However, you can take a look at some essential instructions here.

  • Take proper rest.
  • Do not perform exercise.
  • Do not lift heavy weight.
  • Avoid smoking for some days.
  • Don’t go to work for some days.

Recovery and Results

You can recover fast if you follow the instructions of your doctor carefully.Within first few weeks, the hair will fall. You don’t need to be worried about it as it is a normal phenomenon. It takes about 3 months to get new hair on your scalp. Almost 12-14 months are required to get full length of your hair. After getting full length of hair, you can adopt any hairstyle of your choice. There will be no restrictions in this regard.


The Nano Graft hair transplant technique is really beneficial as it allows youto get a head full of hair. After proper recovery, you can adopt any type of hairstyle. Natural hairlines is a surety of this procedure. Also, no scars will be visible.



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