How to Get Your Scalp Rejuvenated with Natural Hair Transplant in Dubai?

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Any sort of scalp problem is a great mess, and also a great contribution towards a fall down of personality. A person not only looses his/her grace, but also loose the self confidence and esteem. Although, the battle is continuous by applying different sorts of solution. But at the end, you get tired of this struggle and its all over the place, again. The highly recommended solution with long term effectiveness is getting a natural hair transplant in Dubai. With state of the art scalp rejuvenation standards, it is helping a lot of people all around the world.

Nowadays many people are facing thinning or balding scalp issues. Whether its men or women, there are multiple scalp issues that they have to keep battling all of their lives. The fall can happen for any reason. The common reasons are, skin infection, underlying ailment, sudden stress or trauma, hereditary baldness. All of it can happen commonly to anyone, without any particular age bracket.  The impact that it leaves on the persona can be devastating in severe condition. With the advent of technology, it is busy to come up with more efficient and easy solution to deal with baldness.

There are many procedure of restoring scalp by a transplant, but the one that involves no surgical aspects is truly natural. The PRP treatment is considered a natural rejuvenation procedure for treating the thinning and early stage baldness.

How does it Work?

The patient is analyzed properly before starting the procedure. The detailed consultation includes the analysis of patient’s medical history and scalp check up by an expert doctor. After analyzing the condition, the proper plan is developed on how to treat the scalp.

The procedure includes the injections filled with plasma from blood that is rich in platelets. The specific amount of blood or plasma is extracted from the patient’s own body. That’s why proper medical history is important to be checked. The beauty of this procedure is healing your scalp with your own blood, no donor from outside or harvesting the scalp. The platelets are the repairing agents with the cells of our blood. So, there importance is utilized for healing  the scalp in this procedure.

The Procedure

  • The scalp area is numbed.
  • The patient’s blood is extracted, and then centrifuged for separating the platelets.
  • A special medication is added to from it into a plasma.
  • This platelet rich plasma is injected into the upper dermis of the scalp skin.
  • The scalp is bandaged with a normal band and the patient is free to go.


The plasma works to heal the damaged follicles. The damaged follicles halts the production or get slow in production. The injections heal them, hence boosting the growth and improving follicular health. The blood circulation is also gets boost, that revitalizes the healthier growth on the scalp.


For the post-op care, it is recommended to follow your doctor’s instructions. May be mild medication is also prescribed for healing any visible scars. The full recovery is in the matter of a week at most. After that the great results are visible. Rest is recommended after the procedure, and the use of caffeinated or alcoholic drinks are suggested to be avoided.

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