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April 10, 2017
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April 11, 2017

With the advent of latest advancements in the field of various scalp restoration options around, it has reached to quite a better level. Such as the non surgical hair transplant in Dubai has now become famous among people who just avoid any surgery. There are people who have to go for this procedure to say bye to the mess of baldness for good. But, the word surgery keeps them away. So to assure you here, that this non surgical procedure is one of the kind without as such surgical implementation. Here’s how:

  • MesoTherapy

It is the simple technique in which injection filled with the essential nutrients for scalp, is induced just into the target tissues. The essential nutrients include amino acids, vitamins, and any additional nutrients according to the patient’s treatment requirements. This treatment stimulate the growth factor in the follicles. The time consumption in this treatment is just 20 to 30 minutes. It all depends upon the density of the affected area.

This simple non surgical procedure inserts the right material at the restoration place on the scalp where it’s needed. This procedure regulates the essential proteins, vitamins and other nutrient levels. Also its efficient in boosting the natural growth factors in the bald scalp. This procedure is the least painful technique as it doesn’t involve any harvesting or implant with any scalpel or instrument.

  • PRP

The platelet rich plasma  involve the use of patient’s own blood to heal the growth factors in the scalp. The human blood consists of certain cells and also platelets, the nature’s own system for mend and repairs in the body. After taking certain amount of blood, it is centrifuged to separate the platelet plasma.

The thin needle with your own platelet-rich plasma is injected into the upper skin of your scalp. The task os to just inject, then the growth factors in cells do their job and boost growth in follicles. The basic goal is to naturally boost the follicular health, hence stimulating growth in them. It actually triggers the blood flow under the scalp, hence activating the energy of scalp to work towards maintaining healthy follicles.

Number of Sessions and Cost

The exact number of session is determined by doctor and according to the severity of baldness, which is directly related to the cost factor.


These nutrient boosting techs of hair transplant in Dubai, are useful in many wonderful ways.

  • As there is no issues of feeling pain or stress about the name of surgery.
  • Only the professionals perform these procedure.
  • It revitalizes the scalp with the help of an injection, boosting naturally the nourishment of the scalp.
  • This procedure also owns a benefit of initiating a better cell metabolism.
  • It also helps in eliminating any scalp infections.
  • Hence, it’s a perfect procedure for accelerating growth for people who don’t want any surgical inclusion for hair restoration.
  • The patient’s scalp is washed normally, ready to go home.
  • The recovery is relatively fast.

Which procedure suits you, it all depends upon the how your surgeon or doctor has suggested you according to the detailed analysis of scalp.

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