Permanent Hair Fixing with Hair Transplant in Dubai

Hair Transplant
Hair Loss in Men and Treatment with Hair transplant in Dubai
April 28, 2017
Hair Transplant
Find the Best Scalp Restoration with Hair Transplant in Dubai
May 3, 2017
hair transplant in dubai

The hair transplant in Dubai has longed for a research into various scalp restoration options that prove to be worthy t many candidates of this procedure. The hair loss is the common problem in every young or old, male and females. It is not just stayed on the scalp, some people have its severe form in which other areas of body are also affected.

Consult a Specialist

The reason can be anything from the polluted environment to bad nutritional habits. From any skin infection to the hereditary or hormonal imbalances, anything can be a major contributing factor. It’s a natural  process that needs to be treated with care and aesthetics. There are simple and easy treatments that are helpful in healthy growth again. But first it is preferred that you should consider for a good consultation with a specialist doctor.

Eat Healthy

  • Keeping a healthy eating habits is necessary to achieve healthy scalp, because certain nutrients are essential in order to keep the scalp healthy.
  • A vitamin is a an essential organic compounds for the effective biochemical functioning of our internal bodily functions. The follicles in our scalp need these vitamin to be healthy and thus produce healthy. Consult a good doctor who can suggest to the essential vitamins and their perfect dosage.
  • The studies have suggested that the vitamin B6, vitamin B12 are essential supplements to achieve a good scalp health.
  • The vitamin C unclogs the follicles and boosts their productivity.
  • Green veggies should be highly consumed for freshness and revitalizing the scalp health.
  • Take care in choosing the cosmetics and styling products to keep safe from their harms.


Minoxidil (Rogaine)

  • It is a foam like medicine, you rub into scalp twice a day, for growth and to prevent further loss.
  • The effect is visible in around 16 weeks, till then you have to keep applying.

Finasteride (Propecia)

  • This prescription drug is in the form of pills and only available to men, having baldness issue.
  • The problems remains at low, till this medicine is in use.

Permanent Fix

If you are looking for a permanent fix then hair transplant clinic Dubai is providing many latest surgical and non surgical techniques that have done wonders. Many people have got back their fuller scalps back and regained their lost self confidence. In general the procedure just harvest your healthy grafts and implant them in the recipient’s area where the treatment is required. Before that you have to schedule a consultation with the trichologist in order to get proper advice on your treatment. The treatment depends upon the nature of the patient’s scalp condition.

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