Permanent Recovery with Best Rates of Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

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May 26, 2017
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June 5, 2017
Permanent Recovery with Best Rates of Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai

The hair transplant in Dubai has proved its mettle in helping people suffering various baldness problems. Baldness is something that can leave you devastated by the guilt of not complying with your looks. Though it’s not a disease, but the emotional damage for a person is much more than another physical problem.

If this treatment is being opted, it would be worth investing for hair transplant cost in Dubai. Because nothing is good than getting the fruitful outcome on permanent basis, for what you have invested in. With the passage of time, this field of scalp rejuvenation has gone wide in range. It’s now giving treatments not only for scalp, but also for facial patchiness, in men. With state of the art procedures that comply with international standards, it has become possible to provide the most natural results.

Here are some of the standard techniques that are being provided successfully to many people:

Follicular Unit Extraction

  • Extraction of certain healthy follicular units from the candidate’s donor site.
  • Implanting these grafts to the bald scalp area.
  • This technique is generally pursued for male pattern baldness.
  • Highly sophisticated and painless procedure.

Follicular Unit Transplant

  • The grafts are extracted in the form of strips, from the candidate’s donor area.
  • These strips are divided into the desired sizes.
  • These grafts are transplanted in the groups of 1 or 4.
  • Higher rate of follicle survival.
  • Recommended to those who cannot manage multiple surgery dates.

Platelet Rich Plasma

  • A great form of restoring without any surgical method or equipment.
  • The plasma is derived from the blood that is rich in platelets.
  • The injections filled with this solution are injected into the affected areas of your scalp.
  • The growth factors, the plasma of your blood, do its job of healing in the scalp.
  • The follicles are healed, hence boosted for more healthy growth.
  • Best for people with strands thinning.


  • The scalp condition is analyzed to gather the data, for what nutrient is deficit that is causing baldness.
  • The scalp is numbed, and the injections are provided, filled with essential nutrients needed.

All procedures are done under local anesthesia, makes it a painless procedure. The cost may range from AED 7 to AED 55 per graft. However, the cost of other procedures may go up and down according to the number of grafts needed for the baldness problem of a person.  Generally, in all techniques, it takes almost 3 months for a visible growth.

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