Recommended Tips to consider After the Hair Transplant in Dubai

How To Find The Best Rates For Hair Transplant Cost In Dubai?
May 25, 2017
Permanent Recovery with Best Rates of Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai
Permanent Recovery with Best Rates of Hair Transplant Cost in Dubai
June 2, 2017

The hair transplant cost is Dubai has made it possible to provide best rates for the treatment. With the use of specialized equipment and quality techniques and the procedures of treatment, it has become a one stop to treat any kind of baldness problems. Every person faces different types of scalp issues and the reasons also may differ. So, the treatment is planned according to that.

Treatment Summary

Basically, the procedures work as harvesting the healthy grafts from the donor area and then implanting these grafts to the recipient’s site. A healthy donor site promotes the higher probability of good results. The procedure is done under the local anesthesia to numb the treatment area from any pain. The recipient site is prepared well before the implant. All of its done under special care and supervision.

Care After The Treatment

Hence, the hair transplant in Dubai is a purely sophisticated surgical procedure, which needs sufficient care after the treatment. That’s all because of the delicate stage of the transplanted grafts at that time. The optimum car can bear greater results. The surgeon gives you certain instructions for care and some things to avoid, right after the treatment. It is the candidate’s responsibility to follow these instructions.

There are certain things that need to be avoided:

  • Alcohol and cigarette smoking.
  • You should also avoid sun exposure or cover up the scalp by wearing a hat if this cannot be avoided.
  • Sunscreen with SPF 30 may be applied after two weeks, in order to avoid any damage from the direct rays of the sun.
  • Any exercises you have been doing should be resumed a week after especially the vigorous ones you do.
  • Sleep in the upright position, so as to keep the level of your scalp upside, that because of avoiding any swellings.
  • Consult the trichologists, if you have been on any medications before. How and when to resume.

As far as your daily routine is concerned, you can resume to it in a day after the treatment, but keep the care instructions intact. The surgeon suggests a follow-up session after the 10 days of the treatment. In this session, you can consult anything about the recovery process and anything that is bothering your treated area.

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