Some Basic Things to Know If Are You Opting for a Hair transplant in Dubai?

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Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai

Losing the hair is the common issue that can drive you nuts of not being treated on time and permanently. With the advent of latest technology and advancements, the perfect solution is just around the corner. The hair transplant in Dubai is the perfect solution that can keep the problem away permanently. If you are planning to have this procedure in near future, then here are some basic facts you should know.

As the homework is necessary to be prepared when you go somewhere, and as the procedure has certain aesthetics, you should have knowledge.

About the Transplant?

A surgical procedure that permanently provides a surety to regrow the strands. Mostly people who are suffering pattern baldness are the best candidates for this procedure. Rest, the exact techniques is suggested only after the consultation from the trichologist. This procedure is done by a team of professionals who has a specialization in this field. This procedure is fine for both men and women.

Procedure and Related Facts

  • The grafts are taken from the healthy area of scalp and planted into the affected area.
  • There are different techniques that are used to deal with different kinds of baldness and thinning.
  • Some techniques are non-surgical and just boosts the blood circulation and health of follicles.
  • Every techniques is carried out under local anesthesia to the affected area.
  • The patient can relax while the treatment.
  • For the final outcome it is ensured that the new grafts mend so well with the original ones so as to not pose any artificiality.
  • You can style them later as you do with normally.
  • A proper care is necessary in the initial days after the procedure.
  • Follow the advice of your doctor as he proposes the specific care instructions.
  • The fall that occurs right after the procedure is normally, called the shock loss. That occurs only due to the traumatic effect.
  • After a few weeks of shed, the new strands starts to grow, starting from the little ones.
  • The patient is discharged after proper assessment by the qualified doctor.  

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The hair transplant clinic Dubai is providing FREE consultations for every person who wants to know about the procedures and other facts. Drop your query in the form below and get to know your answers by our team of specialists. With the quality services and affordable hair transplant cost in Dubai, the procedure has become the most successful among people who are facing this issue.

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