The Cure to Alopecia with Stem Cell Hair Transplant in Dubai

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Losing your scalp to baldness is a social problem and there are many reasons for it. With the advent of technological advancements, the researchers every year are working out to find the ways to solve this problem. The research on getting the healing factors from human’s own body, and for the repair and mend of different problems. Just like that latest research has found that the new growth can be done by stem cell hair transplant in Dubai.

Stem Cell Works for Repair

The latest studies suggests that by using the human body’s immune defense, which is a type of white blood cell, the stem cells of skin can be triggered. The cells called macrophages  are extracted out of the  immune system. These cells have mainly responsibility for repairing of the wounds. In that case they are also useful in boosting the scalp skin’s stem cells for the regrowth of the hair. The stem cells are wrapped within a cytokine-containing layer that finds out a way for regenerating new follicles on bald scalp. The process of this technique goes as the coating of stem cells with several polymer layers. The process to keep them enclosed is for the protection.

Alopecia and its Cure

Alopecia, is a common problem nowadays faced by many people. It is caused by aging, diseases and medicines. The effects of baldness on a person’s self esteem can be damaging. There are many treatments available nowadays, that include certain medications. However these are expensive and regenerating new follicles after treatment remains challenging. It is as, because the medications just slow downs the falling process. That’s it. And stopping theses meds, gets the problem back to you.


This procedure is combined with FUE to complete the whole transplantation process. First the proper consultation is schedule for detailed examination of patient’s scalp by the scalp surgeon. The surgeon also analyze their medical history of patient, so that to plan the procedure according to that. This procedure goes as follows

  • A local anesthesia is applied to numb the affected area.
  • Follicular unit extraction from the donor area is done using the automated punch tool.
  • Trimming of these follicular units under a microscope is done for the grafts of desired size.
  • The recipient area is prepared by tiny incisions keeping in view the natural direction.
  • Special small needles are used in the surgery, there’s mild to no post-operative pain.
  • Implant of extracted grafts into these tiny incisions to complete the procedure.
  • The patient is then released with the general bandage on head.

The Recovery and Post-op Instructions

The recovery takes a week to the minimum, including the normal shedding process. Proper care should be taken for fast recovery, follow the instructions of your doctor. Mild medications may be prescribed for relaxation. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and smoking. The full result will be seen after the time of 8-12 months.

FREE Consultation

The experts in regenerative medicine says that this fascinating science achievement has a plenty of potential for stem cell based regeneration of bald scalp. For FREE consultations post your query in the form below,  shall be pleased to answer.

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