How to Save Your Balding Eyebrows with Hair Transplant in Dubai?
May 4, 2017
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Some Basic Things to Know If Are You Opting for a Hair transplant in Dubai?
May 6, 2017
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The hair transplant in Dubai has now become a very successful procedure in the latest era of scalp restoration. The main reason behind its success is its surety of giving you fuller scalp on the long term basis. Keeping well maintained head is important in a way to keep it healthy to flaunt your healthy locks. The Non –Surgical Treatment

The balance of nature comes when you resolve certain baldness issues with the natural treatments. The point is to naturally boost the growth without any need of surgical equipments or incisions. Yes, the non surgical treatments are available. And the most famous technique known is the Acell Therapy in Dubai. It is the special form of therapy that many people are adopting. Basically its the FDA approved medication that has the job to heal the tissues. There are certain tissues under skin of the scalp that may need repairing in order to keep the growth process smooth. This medication heals any problem in the tissues that might be causing a stop to hair growth.

About Therapy

Acell Therapy is the special form of procedure that many people are adopting due to the reason of its non surgical aesthetic techniques. To the myth or genuine concern of many people, it is the best one to get satisfied from, as it’s the non surgical one.

Basically, in this procedure the FDA approved treatment to heal the tissues. ACell’s products are gradually incorporated within the patient’s body and replaced with the tissues as appropriate with the recipient site.

What is A cell?

  • ACell is a regeneration product also used in wound healing.
  • It is combined with a patient’s own stem cells and shows eminent improvement in regrowth. It is in the form of a powder, also called matrix.
  • This powder form provides healing and also triggers the blood vessels.
  • As the healing occurs, the matrix absorbs into the body.

Ideal for?

  • Male pattern baldness (preferably initial stage)
  • Female pattern baldness.
  • Alopecia Areata


⦁    Anesthesia is applied to numb the skin.

⦁    The powdered medicine is injected into the affected scalp area, fat adjacent to the follicles.

⦁    Time taken is generally an hour, depending upon the problem density.

Schedule a Free Consultation

The best aspect of this procedure is that it’s the minimal invasive procedure and affordable hair transplant cost in Dubai, that just involves certain injections of a medication. You can schedule a FREE consultation with hair transplant clinic Dubai in order to know more. Drop your query in the form below and get the desired answers from our professional team.

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