The FUE Hair Transplant and its Evolution in Dubai

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April 12, 2017
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April 14, 2017

There many scalp problems around us that are giving headache to many people. It’s a long term fight and can’t be handled permanently in your life. It’s a natural phenomenon that if there is any fault in your outer appearance, it bothers you not only physically but emotionally. The hair loss can psychologically affects you and drains your self confidence and esteem. So, there is no problem now as you can solve it by the latest FUE hair transplant in Dubai. This solution has been proven to be very effective for male pattern baldness.

The pattern baldness problem in males is noticed when it starts its work from the crown area and slowly leads towards the temples area behind the ears. Hence, creating the M shaped bald area around your head. Thanks to science this latest procedure is now helping a lot of people to get back their fuller scalp. And plus to that is it surety to promote long term natural looking outcome.


Since last few years, the technological advances in hair transplant in Dubai, there are many discoveries that have taken place. They have shown that the follicles in our scalp can also be used via transplant in order to gain our goal of natural look. The procedure involves the extraction of follicles and its transplant, and the results are amazing. This procedure also takes an edge over the previous strip method, that involves extraction of strips in order to perform the transplant. The FUE takes an edge over this old procedure in the feasibility of less scarring in the end. This is the major advantage of this procedure over others.


  • Local Anesthesia is given to the affected area.
  • The follicles grafts are extracted from the back and side of the scalp.
  • Recipient area is prepared by creating needle incisions.
  • Finally, grafts are inserted done at the incisions on recipient area.


  • In some cases the donor area leave scarring, The major goal of this procedure is to decrease scarring.
  • In short this the major vision that lead to the road towards its evolution.
  • FUE removes specific follicular units from the patient’s donor site, not the strip.
  • The patient is not exposed large scars or pain.
  • The follicular extraction can be done from any part of the body.
  • This procedure is relatively lengthy, however, it yields better  and natural outcome.
  • Perfect for the male pattern baldness.
  • This procedure is recognized by competent scalp restoration organizations.
  • The basic advantage is that this procedure is ideal for the treatment of both early and advanced forms of baldness.

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