What Are The Post Op Instructions For Hair Transplant?

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July 11, 2017
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July 26, 2017

The first few weeks after the surgical transplant are crucial and need special care. The newly transplanted grafts are delicate and needs sustenance on the scalp. Any mishandling may shed them off. A hair transplant procedure is very sophisticated procedure and special skill is needed to avoid any damage to the follicles. That is why the surgeon suggest special post op care instructions that are necessary to be followed.

Why Is Care Needed?

Everyone wants to get the most of profit from his investment. The hair transplant cost in Dubai is committed to provide best quality at very affordable rates. But, in the end it’s upon the client how he manages to take care of the scalp and goes fast from the recovery phase.

Shock loss

In the first two weeks after surgery the newly transplanted grafts shed. It’s normal and happens due to the relocation trauma and known as the shock loss. In the following few months the new growth starts and the strands become mature and thicker as the time passes.

Tips for Better Post Op Care

The new follicles have a distinctive sensitivity inside them, that’s why a proper care is needed, in order to ensure the excellent outcome. Following are some instructions that are commonly give to the clients after the procedure:

  • In the first week immediately after the procedure you should take care while sleeping. It’s the most important instruction to keep your head elevated while sleeping to prevent swelling.
  • Do not scratch your scalp unnecessarily, to avoid any disturbance to the new grafts.
  • Keep a follow up on the medication that is prescribed to you. Usually mild pain killers and antibiotics are prescribed by the doctor for relaxation purposes.
  • Post-operative infections are very rare and easily treated by a course of antibiotics.
  • Avoid the caffeinated drinks immediately after the treatment as they disrupt the normal blood flow.
  • Take care for washing the scalp. Take the bandage off and shampoo the scalp gently 3 times. It is advised for the immediate morning after the treatment. In later day you can do it twice a day.

Rest you can get yourself resumed to normal routine after the 10 days, because till then the new grafts are firm enough to stay put in the desired location.  Every technique has different post op instructions such as for FUT hair transplant in Dubai, but the basics remain the same.

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