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July 29, 2017
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August 3, 2017
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The hair problem is a concern of every other person, men or women. The most common problem is the hair thinning issue. When this problem occurs, the only question a person had is that why this happen? Well, there are many reasons behind the hair thinning and we can’t stick on one. So, let’s find out why and how hair thinning happens.

Our hair is formed of specific protein binding and protein structure that keeps them intact in their shape. When these bindings are disturbed the hair becomes thin. Our scalp has the follicles that are known as major production factories of strands. If the follicles are healthy, they will grow healthy hair. The health of our follicles depends on proper nutrition. If the follicles lack the proper nutrition, then there are more chances that your hair can be affected.

How Insufficient Nutrition Effects Your Hair?

Following are some of the nutritional facts that can cause your hair to become brittle, weak and thin.

  • Protein is the important factors that are the need for energetic body and also our hair. As our hair is made up of protein structure. So, the importance of protein intake is very important. If our diet lacks enough proteins in it then it is most likely that you may lose your hair.
  • Vitamins are essential for the normal functioning of our body. If you have a vitamin deficiency than the follicles become weak. If the follicles are weak, it’s obvious that the hair will grow thin and it will also affect further hair growth.
  • The extensive styling or putting on tight hair styles frequently also affects your hair.
  • The very tight hair styling disturbs the natural elasticity of your hair that makes them appear thin.

Did you know that the extensive hair thinning can cause hair loss? Because the pattern baldness problem always starts from hair thinning. When the follicles become weak, they tend to produce weak hair. And the constant weak growth of hair leads to baldness.

The FUE hair transplant in Dubai is providing a perfect treatment to take down baldness permanent by relocating the healthy follicles from donor area to the recipient area that is affected by baldness or thinning. It is the natural treatment and a great innovation of its kind that has enabled a less invasive, scar free surgical hair restoration possible all around the world.

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