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June 15, 2017
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June 17, 2017

The hair loss in females is the biggest concern nowadays. More and more people are being affected by it. Naturally, females have a psyche that they must look good. A good appearance is a weakness that drives them to look perfect in any way. Losing 100 strands a day is normal that is even not noticeable with the bare eye. But if you look in the mirror and notice the widening part or a bald patch, that’s the sign you are losing more.

Find the Cause and Solution

Such moments can be frightening for women and the remorse begins. But there is no need to sit back and worry. Get up and find the solutions. Every woman would want the best of solutions that can help them attain the good results. Hair transplant in Dubai is providing what is needed for the solution to be the best. Following are some of the common reasons of baldness or thinning that mostly faced by women in particular.

  • Excess styling.
  • Excess use of hot appliances for styling.
  • The thyroid imbalance.
  • Low iron levels
  • Insufficient nutrition.
  • Trauma, or stress.
  • Hormonal change.
  • Hereditary

Female Pattern Baldness

Usually, women in their middle age show signs of pattern baldness. As a common form of baldness in women that makes the follicles to gradually shrink and become less active, hence produce fewer strands. They shed more and grow less. This process continues to prevail more and more baldness. It is the genetics-based condition of the scalp.

Telogen Effluvium

The harsh styling habits cause the condition called telogen effluvium, the temporary shedding that causes the shaft to lose and strands become more prone to the breakage. Any form of illness and nutritional deficiencies can also cause this condition.

What’s The Solution?

There are many creams and oral medications available that are usually prescribed by the trichologist after examining the scalp condition. Originally the FDA-approved medicine called Minoxidil dilates the blood vessels. Thinning the blood and hence nourishing the follicles.

To tackle the main culprit of baldness, the imbalance of the DHT hormone level that damages the follicles, a drug called finasteride is advised. It basically lowers the level of DHT and usually not advised for women in childbearing age.

Permanent Solution

The medications work till they are being used. Why go for the temporary one when the permanent solution is here. The latest surgical transplant procedures are giving successful treatments that have long-lasting results. What is better than this one-time investment?

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